BOS Newsletter–July 24th

Written by BOScoin
July 24th 2018

BOS Newsletter — July 24th, 2018

July — Ask Me Anything


Partnerships, Agreements and Services

Management and Foundation



The link for next months AMA will open on 1 Aug. We accept questions from the 1st to the 10th every month. We will publish the answers sometime between the 21st and the end of the month on

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Community Management Update

As you may be aware, we opened the telegram channel for general discussion with our community. We will maintain the slack channel for the time being, and allow people time to migrate over to telegram. Slack will eventually close, but you will get plenty of notice. Our community manager will remain available on slack until it is closed if you have any questions. The website will be updated to reflect the new telegram links.

You can find our official telegram channels at the following links.

Official BOScoin The Official BOScoin

BOScoin Announcements The Official BOScoin Announcements

There are a few rules. – No cursing, or offensive language – No personal attacks. – No spam. – Links are moderated, acceptable links are technical, and/or other informative and relevant links to the blockchain industry. If your link is filtered PM @scottmatheina to get the domain white listed, and he will also reset your modbot warnings to zero. Find the white listed domains here – No images, gifs/videos, stickers, voice, or files – No wallet addresses. – No forward messages – No / commands – No one from the team is going to PM you, don’t send your secret seed or any personal information over telegram. All support is via

These rules are strictly enforced by our bot. You can read the full pinned post in the general discussion channel, and there are also links to other resources to learn about our platform.

Conferences and Meetups

Yezune Choi, CEO, presented at a large meetup while the team attended the Blockchain Week conference in Seoul.


Yezune also gave many interviews with Korean media outlets regarding our platform.

Have You Met…

Blockchain Developer / Mr. Kyehyuk Ahn

Kyehyuk is a software developer, who believes that anything is possible through blockchain technology. He is well experienced in technical field, and has great ability to adopt new technology and commercializing it. Kyehyuk has over 10 years of experience in developing softwares for mobile devices using GSM/GPRS protocols, mobile UI framework, MMS client, IMPS, AR application, hybrid apps, and android frameworks. For the last three years, he has developed and managed cloud services and P2P media sharing services. Kyehyuk is interested in consensus protocols and virtual machines. And he is currently developing consensus that can utilize BOS ecosystem.