Active proposals

Name Voting Period Status
Let’s Go B-Town! TBA TBA

PF Result

Name Voting Period Result
Payexpress Partial Token Swap Feb 22nd, 2019 ~ Feb 28th, 2019 Pass
Membership Reward PF Nov 30th, 2018 ~ Dec 6th, 2018 Pass
What is Public Financing?

Public Financing is credit creation by our community to accelerate the expansion of the BOScoin ecosystem.
It is additional coin issuance for a specific purpose, and approved by the Congress Network.

PF Process
1. Proposal
Any BOScoin community member can propose PF. However, only BlockchainOS will submit proposals for PF until the platform is stable.
2. Open discussion
The BOScoin community will discuss PF proposals in the online forum.
3. Congress Voting
The BOScoin community will make all decisions for PF through Congress Voting.
4. Execute
The PF proposal, if passed, will be implemented by GTTP and the Trust Contracts. The PF proposal, if not passed, will be amended and introduced again, or will be terminated.
PF Process

Reward PF

The Reward PF is for giving rewards for membership activities and Mainnet node operation – Block validation and confirmation.


This PF is for credit creation to get various real assets in the economy through additional BOScoin issuance. Issued BOScoin will be used to exchange with the partner company’s tokens at market price, or it will be used as collateral for a loan. The specific implementation of SME PF is RIPP – Reverse ICO Partner Program.

Infrastructure & System PF

The infrastructure PF’s purpose is for Mainnet infrastructure building and BOScoin economy vitalization. Issued BOScoin will used for setting up Mainnet infrastructure and the voting system.

Commons Budget PF

The Commons Budget PF has various forms. It can be used for real assets which the BOScoin community will own or use it for the benefit of community members. According to the issuance schedule, the Commons Budget will be issued in advance. PF, if passed by congress vote, will be used to supplement funding coverage.

Insurance PF

The Insurance PF’s purpose is an insurance budget for reducing risk for the Blockchain oracles and guarantee trust in the BOScoin economy.