Congress Voting – Desktop Application

You shall download from the official Website only.
Please download the desktop application from the official BOScoin Website.


macOS version

Windows version


The qualification to be a BOScoin community member.

Congress Members can participate in Congress voting.
Congress Members can receive rewards according to the Member’s contribution to the community.
User receives Membership after completing pre-Membership requirements and freezing at least 10,000 BOScoin. Any BOScoin wallet address can be designated as a Membership account. Designation is for voting and BOScoin freezing.

About Freezing
Freezing condition
A user can freeze BOScoin in units of 10,000 BOS.
Freezing procedure
Upon users’ Membership account designation, users can freeze whole or portions of BOScoins in the Membership account. Freezing occurs in a way that a Frozen account linked to the Membership account is created and BOScoins are transferred to the Frozen account.
Unfreezing procedure
When users unfreeze BOScoins, the entire amount frozen in that specific Frozen account can be retrieved to the linked Membership account after two weeks users request unfreezing. Freezing period : at least 2 weeks ~ unlimited
Frozen account properties
The Frozen account is not created separately. The Frozen account is created from the Membership account only when freezing is executed.

Frozen accounts are only used once. If a user freezes additional coins an additional Frozen account will be created and added to their Membership account.

It is possible to make several Frozen accounts under a single Membership account.

When a user unfreezes BOScoin, the entire balance for a specific Frozen account can be retrieved to the linked Membership account. Upon retrieval, the Frozen account will no longer appear in the application. Frozen accounts are temporary, and only used once.
Congress Voting

Congress Voting is the BOScoin Congress Network’s democratic decision making process,
and is comprised of proposal submission, discussion, voting, and execution according to the will of the community.



To be eligible for Congress Voting you must acquire Membership, and retain Membership until the end of voting period. The Membership can be acquired during voting period, however, it should be maintained until the end of voting period.

Granted Condition

Membership gives a user 1 vote.

Voting Schedule

Voting start / end time

Voting start and end times based on universal time standard will be announced in each proposal.

Voting Rules

Voting options

Agree, Disagree, and Abstain


A Congress Member can vote several times during the proposal voting period. Only the last ballot stamp result will be applied towards the voting count.

Approval condition

The approval condition for each proposal will be contained in the proposal, and could vary based on the type of proposal being submitted.


Voting statics will be announced only after the end of voting.


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