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Written by Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin
July 23 2018

Answer questions about other

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1. Why you are choosing to stay in the dark? Why aren’t you attending to big name conferences? Where everyone can see and check the uniqueness of boscoin? Meetups are nice but they are small scale marketing…

  • BOScoin has been participating in cryptocurrency conferences since May of 2018. If we have an opportunity to introduce BOScoin in the future, we will continue to participate in conferences. We will be a major player in this space and eventually host our own conferences. Our focus has been on platform development, and less focused on marketing. We will increase our marketing and outreach in alignment with our Mainnet release schedule.

Q2. Almost all slack members want official boscoin english telegram channel, the top 400 cryptos have official telegram channel. Why the manaent is not taking initiative to manage official english telegram channel .. it is frustrating to managment indifference to such small things.

Can you please create an official english telegram group??? Please swap from slack to telegram! 🙂 

  • As you may know, in early 2017, when BOScoin was pre-ICO, Bitcointalk and Slack were the main community channels in the space, so we chose to operate these channels. Many projects have moved their communities to Telegram. BOScoin is also prepared to use Telegram as an official communication channel. 

  • We have officially opened an English telegram for general discussion and an Announcements channel. Please click on the below links to go to our official channels. We will continue to support our community slack in the short term.
    General discussion :
    Announcements :

Q3. When BOS CEO released RIPP this June at the Seoul Meetup, he said, “Of course, when it turned into PF, there’s something else. 
And node operating compensation or confirmation reward is not the mechanism required by the settlement protocol of the BOScoin. 
Then you’ll be offered a different way. But the basic picture is the same.” (I typed literally.) Does this mean that the reward system is different from white paper 1.0?

  • The Node operating rewards referred to in White Paper 1.0 are retained. However, there may be changes in the way nodes are operated or detailed policies. But the change is aimed at providing more rewards to the community.

Q4. I hope that the final 5 billion coins will be maintained. This was an agreement between the investor and the BOScoin, in White Paper 1.

  • The additional BOScoins will be issued through PF, and in the long run, the BOScoins may exceed 5 billion. However, the decision is solely determined by the Voting in the Congress Network.

Q5. Why did the price of BOScoin go from $6 to $0.08 this year. 

  • The overall cryptocurrency market has plummeted as regulatory issues and hacking problems emerged last year after the market overheated. The price of BOScoin has dropped significantly in part because we have not been actively engaged in marketing and promotional activities. We apologize for lacking in marketing but we have been more focused on development. BOScoin is working with outside experts to improve its marketing.

Answers to Korean questions

Q3. 이번 6월 밋업동영상을 보면서 최예준대표가 RIPP 발표때(동영상시간 1:03:17초부터) “물론 그게 PF가 됐을때, 그 전하고 다른 부분이 있어요. 노드 운영보상이나 컨펌 리워드 같은 경우에는 보스코인의 컨센서스 프로토콜에서 필요로하는 메카니즘이 아닙니다. 그러면 다른식으로 리워드가 제공될건데요. 그래도 기본적인 그림은 동일한거죠.” 라고 이야기를 했습니다.(글 그대로 타이핑 했습니다.) 그럼 기존의 백서 1.0의 노드 운영에 대한 리워드 기능이 없어진다는건가요?

  • 백서1.0에서 언급된 노드 운영 리워드(Confirm Reward) 및 프리징 리워드는 유지됩니다. 단, 노드 운영 방식이나 세부 정책은 변동이 있을 수 있습니다. 그러나 그 변경 방향은 더 많은 리워드를 커뮤니티에 제공하기 위한 목적으로 정책을 수립중에 있습니다.

Q4. 코인이 최종적으로 50억개를 유지하기 바랍니다. 이것은 백서1에서의 투자자와 보스코인과의 약속이었습니다.

  • PF를 통해 BOScoin을 추가 발행하게 되며, 장기적으로는 BOScoin 발행량이 50억개를 초과할 수도 있습니다. 단, 그 결정은 전적으로 BOScoin의 Congress Network에서 Voting을 통해 결정됩니다.