BOScoin - Ask Me Anything - Management and Foundation

Written by Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin
July 23 2018

Answer questions about management and foundation

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1. Considering the value of BTC has gone down will there be enough ICO funds to do public financing?

  • There is more than enough budget to conduct PF.

Q2. How much of the original ICO funds is remaining? How much longer will development be able to continue before needing additional funding?

  • We have plenty of funds remaining from the original ICO to complete BOS platform. Also, we shall be gaining additional funds through PF model to enhance BOS ecosystem enormously.

Q3. Is BOS considered a security?

  • No, BOS is considered as utility token under Swiss regulation.

Q4. How BOS is supposed to hold a stable price or increase in value if the supply regularly increase every quarter?

  • BOS is taking price stability seriously. We believe that inflation caused by additional issuance can be offset if PF can generate enough value to the community.

Q5. Is there any desire to hire a native English speaker for the community management role that will live in South Korea?

Q6. Are you considering to spend some of the budget to make partnership with advisors, crypto influencers (Youtubers, Twitter ecc) to improve BOS marketing?

  • We do have an outside Marketing Firm who is currently engaging with crypto influencers (Youtube, SNS, Advisors, etc.)