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February 22, 2019

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1.  The 2nd Voting has officially took off today at 13:00 KST. 
If you haven’t voted, make sure you 


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2. The amount of BOScoin that will be created upon approval is calculated. You can check the number in the updated proposal.

PF2 Proposal En
PF2 Proposal Kr


3. Due to global time differences and to eliminate repetitive questions, we’d greatly appreciate all questions related to the 2nd Proposal submitted to the forum. Our admins will be answering them in priority there. 

Congress Voting Forum


KAIST’s (aka the MIT of S.Korea) professor and his team are almost finished conducting a thorough review on our SEBAK Mainnet in specific to security vulnerabilities. Through the industry-academic alliance program, Prof. Yong-dae Kim and his team have been continuously verifying the stability of the Mainnet technology. In addition, KAIST Prof. Eun-Kyung Ji and her team are simulating and verifying faulty scenerios by modeling the SEBAK Mainnet’s consensus algorithm.We will be able to share the results of the review soon.


Sometimes, less frequently though, there are occasional accidents in cryptography (digital assets), mainly caused by exposure or loss of the secret seed. Such an accident is likely to occur if wallets are used, only as trading assets without basic knowledge of blockchain cryptography. This column introduces basic knowledge of digital wallets, how to store various wallets and secret seeds, as well as what users should not do with their wallets. ( Available only in Korean) 


We held a meetup this past Wednesday, and both CEOs of BOScoin and PayExpress spoke about details of the 2nd Public Financing Proposal. Additionally, PayExpress CEO shared his vision and business plan for this year. We ended the 2 hour meetup with a Q&A session that included questions collected through our global telegram channel. Though it was livestreamed on Youtube, we will soon upload a highlights video with subtitles in English for our community members that didn’t have a chance to tune in. 


Meetup Part 1 – Payexpress (being translated)


Meetup Part 2 – BOScoin (Caption available in English)


Read the 2nd Proposal

In other news, check out the article about the MOU between Queenbee, PayExpress, and BOScoin published now in English.

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BOScoin Congress Forum was successfully launched this past Monday. We want to thank all Congress Members who took interest, provided various feedbacks and questions.

BlockchainOS is aware of community’s concerns that it may not be safe to use secret seed to log on to the Congress Forum ( The official announcement regarding this issue will be made soon. In a nutshell, login to congress forum with secret seed is safe.

To secure the safety of your secret seed, “signature sign” information is transmitted to Membership server instead of secret seed, entered by user. The server checks “signature sign” whether or not it corresponds to users’ “public address.” If matched, “accept” order is transmitted back to the login page. If “signature sign” information is intercepted during the transmission, secret seed can’t be generated or determined from the signed transaction.

We have prepared an official response to the constructive feedback and review from the Community. The translated feedback in English will be provided early next week. 

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