Hear Here, the 2nd Voting Proposal!

February 18, 2019

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Introducing the 2nd Voting Proposal

Read below for a 2 min. general outline, for details download the pdf attached at the bottom.

The Proposal: Swap Payexpress’ PESS tokens with BOScoin

The How:

  1. Issue additional BOScoins
  2. Exchange 100 million PESS tokens with the issued BOScoins
  3. The exchanged PESS tokens owned by BOScoin will be disposed  
  4. The issued BOScoins will be used by Payexpress to execute their business

What’s their business:

Distribution and sales conducted by BOScoin’s partners- Payexpress and O2NB. The first product is seafood from Senegal.


Token Swap and Fund Flow chart-


The Why:

Essentially, to increase the value of BOScoin network by utilizing Partnership
-Proactively diagnose large- scale swap benefits and risks through suggested small-scale swap.

Secondly, to secure a sales & distribution channel payable with BOScoin; Usage is expected to increase demands of BOScoin.

Lastly, to evaluate business capability of Payexpress; The result of this partial token swap can be a preliminary report of the total token swap

of Payexpress.


The When: 

Feb. 22th, 2019 13:00- Feb. 28th, 2019 13:00 (※ KST standard: UTC +09:00)

Prerequisite- BOScoin members who have acquired the right to vote

For this voting proposal, ‘BOScoin Membership’ members can freely share and discuss their opinions on our new forum. For more information on how to use the forum space, visit the “Congress Voting” page of the BOScoin website.

# ‘BOScoin Membership’ Members Only Forums: https://congress-forum.boscoin.io/
# Congress Voting Pages: https://boscoin.io/congress-voting/

More details of the “PFPP_Payexpress; Partial Token Swap”.pdf 

Download PDF (EN)
Download PDF (KO)

For detailed BOScoin Members’ Forum Guidelines –

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