BOS Newsletter — November 16th

Written by BOScoin
November 16th 2018

BOS Newsletter — November 16th, 2018


  1. SEBAK-based Testnet of Mainnet opened on November 15th. With the release of the Mainnet, the previous Tokennet-based BOScoin transactions will be suspended, and will migrate to the the new Mainnet this November. For more information, please visit:
  2. 2018 BOScoin Global Video Contest is still on!! Don’t miss the chance to win a visit to Korea, and up to $1500 USD worth of BOScoin! Visit:
  3. BOScoin will be holding a conference: BOSCON 2018, Seoul on December 7th. In this conference, we will present the Voting result, SEBAK development, Governance/Congress voting, Global community, PF/RIPP, Partnership, BOScoin vision and more. Admission is free, and everyone is welcome to participate. Sign up here:

Public Financing Updates

Check out the new updates on PF:

  1. Membership Reward PF:
  2. Membership Reward PF (PF_R_00-000-A):

BOS Platform Development updates

SEBAK-based Public Testnet of Mainnet

Web Wallet —

Node Address —

Community Management / Meetup

1. Seoul, Korea – BOScoin Meetup 

On November 13th, a spontaneous meetup was held in our office to inform our community in-depth about PF, and user guidelines on using the desktop application for Voting.

For those of you who couldn’t join the meetup, we will upload a tutorial video to guide you through the voting process as well!

(Don’t worry! You are not missing out, except the pizza at the meetup! (tongue))

Check out some pictures we took at the meetup!



2. Dallas, USA – 2nd Annual NTBA Community Showcase

Scott Matheina, our US Branch Manager, presented BOScoin to the Dallas, Texas Business and Blockchain community as a participant in the 2nd Annual North Texas Blockchain Alliance community showcase.

There were almost 300 people in attendance, and 56 companies which presented a short introduction to their company or project.

There are more of these events scheduled next year, and we look forward to engaging an international audience around the world through the work of our local community managers. NTBA Community Showcase


3. BOSCON 2018

Date: December 7th, 2018

Location: Seoul, Korea

Admission: Free

Signup here:

Exchange Updates

Exchanges including GDAC, KuCoin, CoinBene, and LATOKEN, have already started the migration.

Applications Development Update

An Exclusive Preview of the New Wallet & Desktop Application (Voting+KYC) Service: Click Here