Welcome, Wallet!

Written by BOScoin
November 20th 2018

Welcome, Wallet!


Welcome, BOScoin Testnet Wallet!

(To read in Korean, click our Medium post.)


Over the past few months, BOS developers pushed very hard to build a safe and sound BOScoin Wallet. Now, the BOScoin Testnet Wallet is available for our holders to download(GooglePlay), welcome and try. We want you to explore and experience the product prior to the transition from Tokennet to Mainnet.


2 things in summary:

  1. A chance to trial our user-friendly BOScoin Testnet Wallet ahead of the launch
  2. Give us community feedback, because we care.




    • Testnet Wallet is ONLY for ‘testing’.
    • Please do not transfer from the Tokennet to Testnet (BOScoin and Fees will disappear).
    • Please do not transfer to the Testnet from the Mainnet, even after the Mainnet is officially launched.


With Excitement,

BOScoin Team