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Wallet FAQ

1.What is a Secret Seed?
When you generate your Web-wallet, a Public Address and a Secret Seed will be given. The Public Address functions like a bank account number. You need somebody’s Public Address in order to send BOScoin to that person and same thing vice versa. Your Public Address can be open to the public but you must keep your Secret Seed secret! This is the PIN to your account. It proves that you are you! Make sure your Secret Seed is stored somewhere safe and kept away from public eyes.
2.What happens if I lose my Secret Seed?
If you lose your Secret Seed, you will lose access to your Web-Wallet and even the developers of BOScoin will not be able to help you so DO be careful not to lose your Secret Seed.
3.Is it safe?
Yes, we have done our utmost to make the Web-Wallet as safe as possible and we are confident it will stay so. Nonetheless, keep your Secret Seed away from public eyes and DO NOT lose it.
4.In which browser will it work?
The Web-Wallet will run on IE10 and above but any other standard web browser should be ok.
5. When will mobile wallets be available?
Mobile wallets that can store BOScoin in any device will be available after MainNet launch. Although we cannot be certain on the exact date, it is more than definitely under way.
6.How do I send/receive BOS?
Sending and Receiving BOS will be quite easy. All you need is your Secret Seed and the Public Address of the person you wish to send it to. It will be quite intuitive. Please refer to the detailed instructions regarding our Web-Wallet.
7.Can I access the Web-Wallet with my mobile device?
If you access the Web-Wallet via PC mode, then yes, you can access your Web-Wallet with your mobile device.
8.Do I need to log in to boscoin.io to access my Web-Wallet?
No. The Web-Wallet and our homepage are not linked in that sense. You do not need to log in to our homepage to access your Web-Wallet. All you need is your Secret Seed.
9.How can I receive my BOScoin from my dashboard to my Web-Wallet?
Before TokenNet launch, you will receive an e-mail from us notifying you to generate your Web-Wallet and send us your Public Address via e-mail. We will send BOScoins to your wallet according to your contribution so make sure you send us the right Public Address. Meanwhile, to avoid any misunderstanding, the dashboard is merely a display of how much you will receive. They are not the actual coins.