BOS Newsletter- Q&A with Our CEO

March 22 2019






CEO Answers Top Question from the Community


1) How is the budget being spent? In 2018 it was $ 10 million?



2) There is no voting transparency, BlockchainOS cannot prove that the PF voting is not rigged. For what it’s worth BlockchainOS could have manipulated voting results without anyone knowing. The fact that the source code is open source does not imply that BlockchainOS did not manipulate voting results.



3) How many developers are currently working on BOScoin platform?



4) In regards to the funds collected by the fundraiser how long will they keep BlockchainOS operational for?



5) What is the status on the foundation case and when do you expect an outcome?



6) There is no money for 2019 because the foundation stopped funding. How does this affect BlockchainOS? Can the continuation of development be guaranteed? How many people have left BlockchainOS already because they didn’t get paid?



7) What are your thoughts on the Contract Termination from the Foundation?


8) About the fundraiser

Funding Details