Spring on to March

Written by BOScoin
March 8, 2019

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Our team processed the inflation for the 2nd PF by issuing 33.7 Million BOS, swapped, burned.

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B-Town proposal PF will be announced in the upcoming week! Stay tuned.



2019 Feb. Ask Me Anything is out and can be viewed here-AMA



Precautions to Take During KYC Authentication

  1. Make sure to upload your identification card for KYC authentication after hiding personal information. You can use a post-it or piece of paper to physically block the information on the card. Images that are arbitrarily edited with design tools or any of its kind are not approved by the KYC (this precaution is only required for those with a Korean identification card to comply with the Personal Information Act of the Republic of Korea.)


    Information that needs to be blocked on the Resident Registration card- Resident Registration card end digits

Information that needs to be blocked on the Driver’s License card- Driver’s license issue number, Resident Registration ending number.

Information that needs to be blocked on the Passport- Passport, Resident Registration card ending digits, MRZ

2. Photos taken with a smartphone may be rejected due to size problems if they are sent through a messenger such as KakaoTalk. (Minimum req. is 500KB or more) We recommend sending and attaching pictures via e-mail.

3. You must upload a picture that displays your face and numbers clearly. If the photo and letters are not clear then your authentication may not pass.

4. The selfie photo with your ID card must be clearly displayed.

5. KYC is based on 1 person 1voting, so it cannot receive multiple registration. If a duplicate application is made, approval will not be granted (applicant name, e-mail address, etc.)