BOS Newsletter- the Results Are In!

February 28th, 2019

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Today at 13:00 KST(UTC +9) the 2nd PF Proposal Voting ended and the final results are in. The 2nd PF Proposal Voting passed with –


Agree 629 (36%)

Disagree 137 (7.84%)

Abstain 11 (0.63%)

Undecided 970 (55.52%)


This is what will happen now-

33,700,000 BOS shall be exchanged with 100,000,000 PESS. The 100,000,000 PESS will be burned by BlockchainOS, and the 33,700,000 BOS will be owned by PayExpress.

PayExpress will donate 26,960,000 BOS, 80% of the BOScoins it received to fund Membership Reward with the following schedule.
Feb. 28. 2021 : 5,392,000 BOS
Feb. 28. 2022 : 5,392,000 BOS
Feb. 28. 2023 : 5,392,000 BOS
Feb. 28. 2024 : 5,392,000 BOS
Feb. 28. 2025 : 5,392,000 BOS

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We want to thank our community members for all the attention, constructive feedback, and various questions that was given in regards to the new BOScoin Congress Forum.
In regards to why we have released it with the current settings and security level, we have prepared an official response.

Highlight from the excerpt: “
It is not possible to extort the ‘Secret Seed’ even if there was a breach in the network because only the ‘Signature’ is sent over’.”

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There have been several cases of incorrect transfers to the BOScoin Reward account (the account that disperses rewards). Please be careful not to make this mistake; cases as such that occur in March will be subject to 0.01 BOS fee.