BOS Newsletter- March on to B-Town!

March 15th, 2019

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The 4th Rewards were distributed on Mar.11th(Monday).

Get in on all the Rewards left for the rest of the year by clicking on the link below, if you haven’t yet!

Congress Voting


Voting will start this coming Tuesday the 19th of March. This proposal aims to use commons budget to run marketing campaigns for B-Town project. The approved budget will be used to make a promotional video and run marketing campaigns using the video. 

Definition of B-Town: B-Town refers to the place where lots of services can be purchased with BOScoin and BOScoin Members can acquire various additional benefits. Plenty of enterprises will accept BOScoin as their payment option in the beginning stage of B-Town. As B-Town becomes prominent, facilities for BOScoin Members such as co-living space and co-working space can be built in the town. B-town will be built around the globe starting Jeju island.



Frequently, users forget about their transactions on the Tokennet and send us inquiries about their account balance. 

BOScoin moved from the Tokennet to the SEBAK Mainnet on Nov.17 of 2018. Users can check their SEBAK Mainnet transactions from Nov.27th of 2018 and after on the BOScoin explorer ( Transactions after the ICO on the Tokennet can be checked on the Tokennet explorer (

BOScoin explorer
Tokennet explorer

SEOUL, South Korea, Mar. 15, 2019  — Korea’s first blockchain project BOScoin (, CSO: Jonghyun Kim, Company name: BlockchainOS, Inc.), PayExpress (CEO: Jaehyang Kim), Readitus (CEO, Kilmo Jung) announced today that it had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

We have looked into the Coinbene delisting situation, confirmed that it was a miscommunication, and further confirmed that we will not be delisted. We have recently sent over a request for the removal of our coin on the delisting list but the site on Coinbene has not been updated yet. This is why we have not officially publicized the news to our community. We wanted to give a status update on this issue and will continue to update if there is any changed information.