What is BOScoin?

BOScoin is a Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform for Trust Contracts.
“Trust Contracts” will provide a decidable and approachable framework for
creating and executing contracts on the blockchain.
The “Congress Network” is aimed towards creating a more democratic and productive decision making process.
And the incentive scheme and issuance plan is aimed towards creating value for the coin while deterring the centralization of power.
The Modified Federated Byzantine Agreement algorithm will allow for low latency transactions while being more energy efficient.
BOScoin aims to overcome the technical and operational issues inherent in many cryptocurrencies.

Trust Contracts

Trust Contracts are securely executable contracts based
on a decidable programming framework called Owlchain,
which consists of the Web Ontology Language and the
Timed Automata Language.

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Congress Network

The Congress Network is the decision making body in
the BOScoin network which improves governance issues
arising in decentralized organizations and helps the system
continuously evolve into a more robust ecosystem.

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BOScoin Ecosystem

Self-governing ecosystem for growth and evolution.
Offers a democratic & decentralized governance system and Trust Contracts through OWL and TAL.

Coin Issuance

We aim to issue a total of 5.0 billion coins over the next 128 years.
These values are subject to change.

Technical Roadmap

Development Plan Milestones



  • – P2P : Protocol specification &Implementation
  • – mFBA Consensus : FBA : Key Design Implementation
  • – Data Store : Store specs & SQLiteStore implementation

Trust Contracts

  • – Ontologies & Rule(TAL) :
    Remittance : Send & Receive Tokens based on Trust Contracts Import and define basic BOScoin Ontologies
  • – Inference Engine :
    Formal Specification and Key Design Elements


  • – CLI & Web Interface : CLI design & Implementation
  • – Wallet : Wallet Formal specification


  • – P2P : Unit & Acceptance Test
  • – mFBA Consensus :
    FBA Implementation and Network Stability Test
  • – Data Store : RDBMS & AWS S3

Trust Contracts

  • – Ontologies & Rule(TAL) :
    Specification of Ontology Language


  • – Wallet : Web Wallet Functionality Test


  • – P2P : Unit & Acceptance Test
  • – mFBA Consensus : mFBA : Key Design Implementation
  • – Data Store : MessagePackHistory

Trust Contracts

  • – Ontologies & Rule(TAL) :
    Construct Core Ontologies
    Governance System Specifications
  • – Inference Engine : Reasoner Integration with Blockchain


  • – CLI & Web Interface : Web UX design
  • – Wallet : UX design Application PoC Test
  • – RPC & REST API : Blockchain Explorer


  • – mFBA Consensus : mFBA Optimization

Trust Contracts

  • – Ontologies & Rule(TAL) :
    Governance Trust Contracts & Multisig Tx Specification Construct Key Governance Ontologies Proposal & Vote Implementation
  • – Inference Engine : Reasoner Optimization


  • – Data Store : Blockchain backup & restore using ISP
    (AWS, Azure )

Trust Contracts

  • – Ontologies & Rule(TAL) :
    Multisig Tx Implementation
    Automated Proposal Implementation


  • – Wallet : Android & iOS SPV Wallets

BOScoin Team


Inhwan Kim

Formerly a professional marketer as an advertising Account Executive and Brand Manager with extensive experience, Inhwan has been involved in the IT industry since 1999. He is one of the first generation venture entrepreneurs in Korea, creating several financial business models as well as brands that are considered No.1. As one of the founding members of BlockchainOS, he created the brand name BOScoin, STARDAQ and Delicracy.

CTO / Creator of ‘Trust Contract’

Yezune Choi

Yezune is a top expert in blockchain technology. His experience in software engineering amounts to over 20 years and has been devoted to the development of blockchain technology for the last five years. He developed and operated a local cryptocurrency based on Litecoin before joining BlockchainOS. His goal is to complement and improve the current Smart Contracts in blockchain to provide what we call “Trust Contracts” that can be used in real-world business applications.


Jinchan Kim

Jinchan managed accounting and HR at Finger Inc, a Fintech company in Korea. He has been working in the field of finance for more than a decade. He has managed financial risks and corporate assets and also has experience in developing algorithmic systems for futures markets.


Myungsan Jun

Myungsan majored in Sociology at Seoul National University and worked as a team leader for Cyworld, which was one of the very first and the largest Social Network Service in Korea. He wrote a book titled “From Nation to Town”, which analyzes the communication structure of the 21st century. He has also just published a new book called “The Blockchain Government”, and is currently in charge of Business Development and Communications.


Sungho Hong

Sungho has 4 years of experience in developing, designing and operating various local cryptocurrencies, based on blockchain technology. He has 20 years of experience in SW development, from embedded F/W systems to mobile application development. He aims to innovate existing industries using blockchain technology. He is also interested in overall P2P organization.

SW Developer

Mukeun Kim

Mukeun is well experienced in developing stock trading server and client solutions. He has participated in developing US, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian Trading Securities Systems. He also developed a stock analysis software for the Chinese market in 2009. In 2010, he operated a Japanese virtual stock trading site system. In 2012, he developed a trading system for a securities company in Indonesia. In 2015, he created a mobile trading platform for Yuanta Securities Korea and is currently developing our consensus protocol mFBA.

Consensus Protocol & Trust Contract Developer

Minhyo Bae

Currently working on our TokenNet deployment, Minhyo was originally a student studying Political Science and Economics at University, but his interests grew more towards Computer Science to eventually become our Trust Contract Core developer. Prior to joining the team, Minhyo has worked on Data Analysis and Game Development and also has extensive experience in building and managing large distributed networks on the cloud system like AWS, Azure and GCP. Minhyo’s current interests lie in CPJ Journalist Security Guide.

SW Developer

Munsu Lee

With 25 years of experience under his belt, Munsu has created quite a few of the first and top-notched services in Korea. He has worked on developing intranet groupware, internet shopping mall, financial portals as well as financial security solutions. Munsu seeks to expand BOS Platform’s user environment by combining his extensive experience into development.

IoT Specialist

Sangkil Lee

Sangkil’s professional career spans as long as the history of computers. With experience of over five decades, his area of expertise lie in more than one. He has demonstrated an exceptional record working in the industrial automation industry at LSIS, Hyundai and other big names. He has also contributed in Energy Management System with KEPCO, as well as Distributed Control System, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Programmable Logic Controller, Plant Automation, and Instrumentation. He is also a successful entrepreneur and hopes to contribute to the next big thing – Blockchain.

Android Developer

Changyong Kim

Having worked with Pantech, SK Communications and GOM&Company, Changyong has been in the mobile industry for 15 years and developed various services and applications in collaboration with big names such as Napster, Yahoo, MS, Verizon, SK Telecom and Google to name a few. He was ranked 3rd in the 2010 Global Augmented Reality Developer Competition as well as receiving various awards for his skills as a program developer as well as for his mentoring input for students. His most recent project was developing an exercise motivation Platform and is currently in charge of developing a mobile application platform based on blockchain.

Blockchain Developer

Hwangwook Kim

Hwangwook is a very enthusiastic software engineer who wants to be a developer and retire as a developer period. He acquired a master’s degree in Computer Science and he is interested in Runtime monitoring and Static analysis. Previously, he has worked as a developer for compiler research and development at Tmaxsoft for many years. In recent years, he has worked as a server developer related with advertising at start-up company. In BlockchainOS, he is mainly working on implementing Trust Contract, and is proud of working as a programmer to enhance the world with blockchain technology.

Blockchain Developer

Kyehyuk Ahn

Kye Hyuk is a software developer and believes anything is possible through technology. He has the experience and ability to learn new fields and commercializing it. Kye Hyuk has over 10 years of experience in developing softwares for mobile devices using GSM/GPRS protocols, mobile UI framework, MMS client, IMPS, AR application, hybrid apps, android frameworks etc. For the last three years, he has developed and managed cloud services as well as P2P media sharing services. Kye Hyuk’s interests lie in consensus protocols and virtual machines and is currently developing softwares and services that can utilize BOScoin.

Blockchain Developer

Youngjun Ko

Youngjun is a consensus protocol developer. He is working to implement BOS Platform’s consensus protocol and provide a stable network core. His vision is for BOS Platform to become an innovative model of blockchain technology.

SW Developer

Sunghoon Cho

Sunghoon has majored in Computer Science at University and gained experience in various software development, including financial networks. He would like to see blockchain technology being used to strive for a stable environment for network users and is currently working to build and vitalize the ecosystem of BOS Platform.

Blockchain Developer

Siyong Lee

Siyong is a software engineer who wants to create softwares with vitality and added value. He majored in Computer Science and acquired a master’s degree in the studies of Big Data, and has been focusing on code stability and quality improvement while developing software testing tools for the past six years. Siyong will contribute to the BOScoin ecosystem by incorporating his studies and experience into the BOScoin code. He is enthusiastic to learn new languages and technologies and provides added value to the development of the BOS Platform.

Blockchain Developer

Aston S. Nam

Aston majored in Computer Science at Hongik University. He is a passionate and dynamic software engineer and very eager to learn new technologies. He specializes in web development and will provide a seamless environment the BOS Platform community.

Trust Contract Developer

Soonkuk Kang

Soonkuk is a Trust Contract developer. He majored in Electrical Engineering at University and participated in the development of Smart Cards, which is widely used in Korea. Currently developing the inference engine based on ontology engineering and semantic data, Soonkuk firmly believes that Trust Contracts can be the core technology for many business models based on blockchain.

SW Developer

Wanhwi Son

Wanhwi has worked as a Front-End Developer for various Web Agency companies for over 15 years, and he has built a web service project for Korea’s major companies such as Samsung, SKT, and Hyundai Motor. He is currently focusing on client programming with interactive UI/UX, and he is implementing BOS platform DApp.

Business & Service Development Manager

Jonghyun Kim

Jonghyun studied Management Strategy at KAIST and gained extensive experience as project manager for various internet services, especially in the field of music for Melon, Cyworld Music and Mnet. He is also a co-founder of KoreanClick, an Internet Marketing Solution provider. Currently Jonghyun is in charge of Business Development.

Community Manager

Scott Matheina

Scott brings to BlockchainOS over 10 years of Operations Management experience, and a deep curiosity for new technologies. Scott’s interest in computers started in 2010, when he first decided to learn basic HTML and PHP. He began hosting his own blogs using self-hosted wordpress. Over the years, he started finding open source projects to download, and install on his own VPS servers to see how they worked, and learn more about programming and Linux server administration. Through his work with Linux servers, he became a big fan of Linux/GNU, and started researching how to contribute to the Linux kernel. He was successful in submitting several basic kernel patches, and enjoyed being a part of a large open source project. While in graduate school, Scott continued to research open source projects, and became interested in Blockchain technology.

Business & Communication Manager

Douglas D. Kim

Douglas majored in International Economics at UCLA. For more than a decade, he has worked in various fields of P2P direct marketing, sales and finance. He is a well balanced team player who constantly communicates with other members of the team to improve the co-working environment. Douglas currently manages the BOScoin community.

Business Development / Communications

Hankyeol Tschoe

Hankyeol studied Economics at the University of Michigan, and started his career in Mirae Asset, one of Asia’s largest independent financial services groups, and worked across a whole spectrum of industries for the Principal Investment team – including equity, real estate and commodities. Prior to joining BlockchainOS, Hankyeol has worked in the Industrial Bank of Korea as a Credit Analyst and a Bond Portfolio Manager at the Trading Department and is currently working to develop and implement growth opportunities for BOS Platform. Hankyeol believes the world can be made a better place by minimizing inefficiency and maximizing social utility through blockchain technology.

Art Director

Hyonam Lee

Hyonam had been working as an art director for a web agency for 16 years, conducting projects for big Korean corporations such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai Motors. His expertise in brand design enabled him to successfully launch many on and off-line brands for the aforementioned companies. He was awarded the Grand Prize in Web Award Korea as well as other prestigious awards for his skills in design. Hyonam is also well experienced in UX / UI design and is currently working on our UX / UI design to increase user-friendliness for various devices.

Project Designer

Jungho Park

Jungho has over 16 years of experience in Design. He has worked in NAVER, KAKAO and LINE and is currently working to UI/UX design. He was awarded as the top nominee in Web Award Korea in 2010. His current interests is designing for DApp for the 4th industrial revolution.


Project Planner

Haejun Lee

After having graduated with a Marketing Degree, Haejoon worked in planning and operating services in the field of electronic payment and commerce for the past 12 years. He aims to achieve the goal of providing various commercial services based on blockchain technology that are secure and convenient for everyday users.

Project Planner

Eunhye Hong

Eunhye started her career by designing UI after graduating University. She has gained 8 years of experience in building and operating global projects across e-commerce, manufacturing and financial industries as project manager. Her vast array of experience led her to join the team to develop UI design for BOS Platform. She’s keen on learning new things, and enjoys the challenge involved in completing a tasks. Her goal is to make the world a better place through blockchain technology.

Service Designer

Hyeji Lee

Hyeji majored in Business Administration at University. Her main task is Mobile Application Planning. She hopes to contribute to the growth of BOS Platform by creating well-fit applications that can lead to the growth and vitalization of the BOS Platform ecosystem.

Business Administration Manager

Sohee Park

Sohee majored in Statistics at the university and minored in Political Diplomacy. She has over 4 years of experience in accounting and management at overseas corporations. Based on her experience, she would like to contribute to the development of BOS Platform by supporting more efficient management and friendly working environment. She hopes that the blockchain technology will change the world for the better and lead to a world in which more people can be given opportunities.


Dongseok Tschoe

Dr. Tschoe is a thought leader in personnel and organization design. He has 30 years of experience during which he held senior positions at The Bank of Korea, PwC and Kyobo. He has teached MBA students at University for 7 years and is the author of several books. His current academic research focuses on structuring Decentralised Autonomous Networked Organizations.


BOScoin’s White Paper and Technical Paper is available in English,
Korean and Chinese.

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