BOScoin Tokennet Wallet

Written by BOScoin
August 30th 2018

Introduction of BOScoin Tokennet Wallet

The BOScoin Tokennet Android Wallet has been launched to enhance the usability and the security of the existing Web Wallet.

Now, you can use the BOScoin Wallet with ‘Recovery Key‘ and a ‘Password‘!


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Q1. How many wallets can I create?

  • You can create up to 100 Wallets, and your Contact list can have up 100 Contacts.


Q2. Should each wallet have a different Password?

  • No, you can set the same Password for every Wallet.


Q3.What is Recovery Key?

  • We only have a Secret Seed to secure and access the Web Wallet. However, we decided to add Recovery Keys and Passwords for the BOScoin Tokennet Wallet to add security and the ability to securely Recover Wallets. Recovery key is encrypted ‘Secret Seed’ via rock-repelling algorithm, which increases security in terms of ‘Secret Seed’ management.


Q4. Isn’t it confusing to have a Recovery key and a Password? The Web Wallet only requires entering the Secret Seed. 

  • It’s much safer and better security. Passwords must be remembered because they are used for ‘sending’. Since the Recovery Key is an encrypted version of the ‘Secret Seed,’ you must have the password, which adds another layer of security.


Q5. What if I lost my password but know my ‘Secret Seed’? 

  • In this case, the ‘Secret Seed’ will restore your wallet. Enter the ‘Secret Seed’ and enter ‘New password’ to obtain ‘New recovery key’.


Q6. Can I retrieve my Password if I lose them?

  • You CAN NOT retrieve your password if you lose or forget them. You may change your password though.


Q7. If I reset my Password, does Recovery Key also changes?

  • Yes, if you change your Password, you must backup the new version of your Recovery key.


Q8. Currently the BOScoin Web Wallet does not require a Password when ‘Sending’; why does the BOScoin Tokennet Wallet require a password?

  • BOScoin Tokennet Wallet requires more security than the Web Wallet. You must set and remember the password when sending from the BOScoin Tokennet Wallet.


Q9. Why do I need to send more than ‘0.1 BOS’ to open a valid account? And if I send less than I’m suppose to, do I still lose 0.001 BOS for the transaction fee?

  • BOScoin is only able to open a new account by transferring 0.1 BOS from another account.
    Yes, many believe 0.1 BOS is the minimum amount for keeping an account open.


Q10. Do you ever lose a transaction fee?

  • Yes, you do. If you send BOScoin to an account that doesn’t exist or any insufficient transaction will occur the lost of transaction fee. The failed transfer results in a fee being charged, which works as a basic device to properly prevent reckless creation of accounts and false requests.


Q11. I noticed the Sending was completed on my BOScoin Tokennet Wallet, but the receiving party didn’t receive BOScoin. Where should he check?

  • If there is a sudden increase in transactions on the network, it can be delayed or sometimes the remittance fails. You can track transaction on


Q12. If the app is deleted, will the information in my Contacts be deleted?

  • Yes, both the information in the Contacts and the Wallet information will all be deleted. Your wallet can be restored by ‘Import Wallet’, however, the information in your Contacts cannot be recovered.


Q13. Can’t I “import Wallet” even if it’s in my wallet?

  • No, if you already have a wallet in ‘My Wallets’, you cannot ‘Import Wallet’.


Objectives for using BOScoin Tokennet Wallet