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February 15, 2019

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This week, we’re spilling the beans first for our avid Newsletter readers. We are pleased to announce that there will be another Voting coming up, and the 2nd PF proposal will be introduced early next week. So stay tuned, and get set. 


Since another PF is around the corner, let’s take another look at what it actually is- 



Our CGO(G for governance) is being interviewed this week with Pro Bitkoin, a podcast channel popular in Russia.
The interview is being conducted in English and will be released soon, so definitely keep your eyes and ears open for this one as well. 

We know our community is eager to find out what our BOScoin team is currently working on and though we cannot give you specifics until officiallized, we can promise you that they are all projects to further the vision of our C-suite.

To jolt your memory back to what they are, here is a partial clip of what they spoke of at BOSCON in December-




To wrap up February with a bang, we are holding an official Meetup in Seoul during the last week of this month. We will be streaming it live on Youtube, highlights will be translated and uploaded with subtitles the upcoming week for our global community. 



Your Vote, Your Voice! As we announced 2 weeks ago, we wanted to give our Congress Members a safe space to freely express their thoughts (beyond Telegram, of course). Our sole motivation in opening up a new forum is to give our Congress Voter Members a platform to discuss in-depth conversations prior to the 1 Vote for any proposals to a point of satisfaction where you are confident to have made the right vote. 
The forum is opening early next week.

Stay tuned. 


Know your customer, alternatively known as know your client or simply KYC, is the process of a business verifying the identity of its clients and assessing potential risks of illegal intentions for the business relationship.
KYC must be carried out in order to conduct the 1 vote 1 person governance, which is the basis of the BOScoin ecosystem. For more information on the KYC progress,
check the manual and video at


Since our last release last week, the current work in progress and discussions are as below.
Click on the github links for details. 

[WIP] IAVL store wrapper 

Enable binary serialization of BlockOperation (+ add upgrade command) 

Support log rotate 

Add BlockTransaction.Index and BlockOperation.Index

Implement delayed transactions (again)

Consensus rules cannot be broken in finishOperation

[WIP] state and treedb



In the Data Insight report published by the Korea Information Agency, our CGO published about ‘blockchain governance’. The title is “Blockchain Governance Determines the Existence of Blockchain”. Of course, BOScoin’s 1 person 1 vote is also introduced. (pg. 36 to pg. 51 in Korean) 

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