BOS Newsletter- Extraordinary February

February 1, 2019

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We noticed several inquiries on the ‘Membership Reward’ dates, so we’re here this week to release all of the upcoming dates. Please note, internal verification is conducted for accuracy and rewards are paid within 24 hours upon completion of calculation confirmation. Upcoming Membership Rewards are as follows; 

3rd Distribution: 02-11-2019

4th Distribution: 03-11-2019

5th Distribution: 04-08-2019

6th Distribution: 05-06-2019

7th Distribution: 06-03-2019

8th Distribution: 07-01-2019

9th Distribution: 07-29-2019

10th Distribution: 08-26-2019

11th Distribution: 09-23-2019

12th Distribution: 10-21-2019

13th Distribution: 11-18-2019

14th Distribution: 12-07-2019

Join the Congress Membership to vote and earn Rewards!  






Just in case you missed it, BOScoin was featured in the New Top 50 Crypto Valley Swiss Blockchain List in CVVC news!



In partnership with PayExpress, we bring to you BOS Prime. We’re guesstimating that ‘BOScount’ is going to be a thing in 2019. With sites like, BOScoiners will have access to the highest quality of goods at a 30-50% discounted price (get it? BOS discount, we’re coining the term- BOScount). By highest quality, we mean Armani bag, cherries from Uzbekistan (Ivanka Trump supposedly loves them too), king crabs from Russia, hairtail fish from Senegal, and even sold out concert tickets(rejoice k-poppers, we’ve got connections). To examine the user experience we are temporarily opening it up to S.Korea but will soon be available worldwide. Currently, the premium meat is already sold out within 24 hours. We are looking forward to many of our partners entering the BOSprime platform and offering many of their services at an unheard of discounted price in the time coming.


[Chinese-Taiwan Community Weekly Update]

1. Mandarin blog is established on Jinse:
2. WeChat Official account: applying progress 50% done
3. Currently updating the Chinese-speaking Cryptocurrency market cap rankings sites: Feixiaohao, Mytoken. Info should be updated within this month.
4. Join our Chinese-Taiwanese Telegram group:



New features 

The JSONRPC endpoints now support aSnapshotmethod

This allows to get an atomic view of the LevelDB data,
which in turn can be used for backups and other operations requiring atomic access.
An example usage can be found here.

A common usage of the transactions API endpoint was to get the transaction,
and then immediately get every associated operations.
Besides being a great way to DoS the API, this was not very convenient for callers,
so operations are now included in full instead of a mere link.
At some point in a future release, the operations endpoint will be cast into oblivion.

Sebak can auto-sync the system time

If time-sync is configured (via--ntp=my.ntp.server.netCLI arg
orSEBAK_NTP_SERVERenv variable), sebak will frequently (every minute)
issue a query to the NTP server.
If the diff is over 4 seconds, Sebak will attempt to set the time, system-wide,
by callingsh $SEBAK_TIME_SYNC_COMMAND(cmdon Windows).
This can also be configured via the--time-sync-command=cmdCLI argument.
The default server, and the default command is nothing,
disabling this feature by default.

Bug fixes

Saving blocks hangs when some blocks are missing

A minor bug led to Sebak hanging in some erroneous condition,
instead of correctly reporting an error.

Consensus stuck after recovering enough validators

Under certain circumstances, a network could get stuck if a prolonged outage happened.
Nodes now expose a/node/ballotsAPI, used by the consensus protocol,
and will no longer expose this behavior.

Retry when ballot sending fails

Another liveness fix: network outage could results in nodes not talking to each other anymore.
Nodes are now much more insistent in having their ballot taken into account by other nodes,
pestering them as much as needed.


Improvements to memory usage

In an effort to reduce memory and disk usage, some refactoring reduced the overhead of operations.
This currently only have an impact on the memory usage of Sebak,
but should soon lead to large reductions of the disk usage as well.

Slight changes in the Client API

If you are using the client API that comes with Sebak, you might notice your project now fails to compile.
Worry not, for the changes are minimal: Useclient.MustNewClientinstead ofclient.NewClient
(or the later if you wish to check for the returned error instead of panicking),
remove thebodyparameter fromclient.StreamTransactionStatus(it was not used anyway),
same thing for theidparameter ofclient.StreamAccount(and same reasoning),
and replace your calls toclient.StreamTransactionsByHashby calls toclient.StreamTransactions,
as the later now provide the ability to listen to multiple transactions with one call.

… And more!

A few internal changes are not listed here for brevity and because they only affect the Go API.
If your Go code broke, we’re sorry, and agit blameshould give you enough informations to fix your code.
In addition, a full list of commits is available 



Chef Bedo, global community manager is also a chef by trade but only a couple of years after qualifying in 2002.

Q. Tell us how you began your journey with BOScoin/How did you hear about us?

A. Well I had heard about Bitcoin and researched into it a bit but common sense told me it seemed a bit like a pyramid scheme where those who invest early get filthy rich and those that come in later risk losing their shirts so I looked into upcoming ICO’s and BOScoin was one of the first I bumped into but after looking at a few others others I kept coming back to BOScoin before deciding to invest and luckily I made the ICO as it wasn’t open for very long.

Q. What are your goals for BOScoin?

A. My goal for BOScoin is for them to steadily build their partnerships and acquire assets through public funding, I don’t really have a price target for BOScoin but it will feel better when we get to back over $1 LOL

Q.How do you vision BOScoin impacting the world?

A.What I like most about BOScoin is their aspirations are in line with my own values, I’m a bit of a greenie at heart so I really like Nature Mobility(BOScoin’s partner)’s goal of turning all their car rentals from fossil fuels to electric.



Due to the Chinese (also a Korean National holiday) New Year, there will be an absence of Newsletter next week.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year of the Pig, 2019!