BOScoin – Ask Me Anything – Partnerships, Agreements and Services

Written by Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin
June 26 2018

Answer questions about Partnerships, Agreements and Services

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1 We are a software development company in Vietnam who are deeply involved in blockchain recently. We figured out BOScoin as a very potential and followed from the ICO. We can help BOScoin to grow community in Vietnam and also want to develop DApps based BOScoin platform. It would be great if we can have a partnership. Thank you!

Q2 Can you speak of any upcoming proposals/partnerships like Energy7 and BOSolar? Is BOScoin looking to be a platform to trade commodities? And what would be hypothetical example of a project that would receive public financing that would benefit the Commons?

  • We have developed a new program to have partnerships with various companies. Through the Reverse ICO Partnership Program, various companies are offering cooperation, and among them, we are developing and cooperating with the companies who can help expand and grow the BOScoin ecosystem.

Q3 I am one of the participant who wants BOScoin ecosystem to thrive. If you look at the reason why EOS has recently increased in value, the biggest reason is that there are a variety of DApp agreements waiting in line. I wonder if our BOScoin has a variety of partnerships so that various developers can work in our ecosystem. Please answer the current progress or future plans.

Q4 It looks like in order to form the core of the BOScoin, Public Financing, we’re going to have to sign an alliance agreement with companies that are constantly in need of Public Financing. I wonder if you’re going to proceed this in inbound format or in an aggressive outbound format.

  • The Reverse ICO Partnership Program is seeking various partners, and we will provide training or do whatever it takes as long as it helps develop ecosystem of BOScoin.

Q5 Do we have a marketing strategy? What is that strategy and when will we actually see any marketing aside from press releases and meet ups? What is the BOScoin go to market strategy who is in charge of creating this strategy? The longer it takes to get started with marketing the more costly it will be to get customers/community members to join the community. What is the plan to bring in new customers/community members to our network and platform. Has there been any research/time devoted to what it will take and cost to get new customers/clients/community members to join and use BOScoin platform. In business there is a cost to get customers there will be a cost and time factor for building the network and getting meaningful projects to use BOScoins platform and network and also a cost to get more people to join our ecosystem and community. When will we see BOScoin being more aggressive in building the community, advertising, marketing aside from what you have already been doing. I ask because we did a poll and everyone who responded voted saying that there isn’t a significant amount of marketing and we feel that there should be a significant increase in your marketing efforts.

  • Thank you for your deep interest in BOScoin. In order to strengthen our marketing capability, we are working closely with an external professional marketing firm to further develop our marketing strategy.
  • Currently, BOScoin actively strives to expand its ecosystem by recruiting diverse business partners using the Reverse ICO Partnership Program.

Q6 When the development size would be around 50 instead of 11! We request you not to use ICO funds for hiring more developers than using for partnerships, which does not add value soon. Why not hire offshore team and consultants?

Q7 I was wondering if there was any other funding than ICO.(Especially Venture Capital) The BOS doesn’t seem to have a single investment in an investment that is commonly referred to as VC, and would like to know if the company doesn’t have any contact from VC or are you refusing such a contact. (Getting funding from VC is not only about attracting development funding, it’s also an important indicator that is taken into account by the average normal investors when making investment decisions. In other words, I think it has the effect of attracting investment funds plus marketing.)

Public Financing Model will be conducted through Reverse ICO Partnership Program. The Partnership Program will include PF and funding will be made through the PF issuance fees.

Answers to Korean questions

We provide Korean answers only for Korean questions.

Q3 우리생태계가 번창하도록 바라는 1인입니다. 최근 EOS의 가치상승 이유를 보면, 다양한 DApp이 줄을 서서 대기하고 있다는 이유가 가장 크겠죠. 우리 BOScoin도 우리생태계 내에서 각종 사업자가 활동할 수 있도록 다양한 파트너쉽을 진행하고 있는지, 궁금하고요. 혹시 진행과정이나 앞으로의 계획에 대해 답변 부탁드립니다.

Q4 BOScoin의 핵심인 PF를 구성하려면 끊임없이 여러 기업들 또는 공공금융을 필요로하는 대상들과 제휴협약을 맺어야 할 것으로 보이는데요, 이를 인바운드 형식으로 진행할건지, 적극적인 아웃바운드 형식으로 진행할지 BOScoin팀의 전략이 궁금합니다.

  • Reverse ICO Partnership Program을 통해 다양한 파트너를 발굴하려고 하며, 보스코인 발전에 도움이 되는 곳이라면 적극적으로 아웃바운드를 진행할 것 입니다.

Q7 ICO 이외에 어떠한 자금조달이 있었는지 궁금합니다.(특히, Venture Capital) BOScoin는 흔히 VC라고 일컬어지는 투자사들의 투자가 단 한 건도 없는것 같은데, VC로부터 컨텍이 없었는지, 아니면 있었는데 거절을 하는 것인지 알고싶습니다. (VC로부터 자금조달을 받는것은 개발자금을 유치하는 효과 뿐만 아니라 일반 개미 투자자들이 투자결정을 할 때 고려되어지는 중요한 지표가 되기도합니다. 즉, 투자자금 유치+마케팅효과가 있다고 생각합니다.)

  • Reverse ICO Partnership Program을 통해 PF Business Model을 실현할 계획입니다. Partner program에는 PF가 들어가 있고 자금조달은 PF 발행 수수료를 통해 이루어 질 것입니다.


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