BOScoin – Ask Me Anything – Development

Written by Minhyo Bae, CTO of BOScoin
June 25 2018

Answer questions about development

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1 BOScoin has revealed that it would issue a new BOScoin through the concept of Public Financing. You decide by vote, and you do it through Trust Contract. Well, as far as I know, the DApp that goes up on the BOS platform doesn’t issue new coins like the ERC-20s of this trend, but they’re getting coins through Public Financing. I have four questions to this regard; 1) Should all DApp get new BOScoins through Public Financing? 2) The last question is a separate question. Are the BOScoins issued through Public Financing distributed fairly to the entire community? Or do I belong to DApp? Or will it be distributed to communities and DApp at a certain rate?

  • Public Financing may be the most important example of implementing the Trust Contract (TC), and one of the most important functions and concept of the BOScoin. The TC will be used as a tool to redefine and operate the various activities available on the BOScoin network, apart from Public Financing.

1) The TC does not need to go through PF to operate on the network. The TC only plays a role to generate PF. 
2) Naturally, the person to be executed (probably the TC was also created in the place where the PF was prepared) will take the coin from the PF.

Q2 Currently, we believe that due to various issues such as schedule reduction and other issues compared to last year’s ICO, there has been a decrease in expectations of the community and a decrease in the will of long-term value investors. Is there any plan to publish a milestone management screen on the website to view the performance of each stage of development and execution in real time, such as the Cosmos project? When will that be reflected and implemented?

  • Yes, we understand the concerns too, and we are trying to move on from. Product Milestone will be updated with more sophisticated and realistic content as soon as possible

Q3 How much TPS do you eventually plan to achieve, would it ever be able to match visa speed or more?

  • Our current TokenNet shows 1,000 TPS, but it still be not enough to reach the peak transaction rate of VISA. We are also concentrating on scaling the performance of transactions. We are trying to devise some interesting method to do that, so we will introduce our new way as soon as possible.  

Q4 1) As a developer, how can I prepare myself for creating dapps on top of BOS. What technologies will be used? 2) Will there be a familiar, widely adopted programming language or will developers need to learn a new language? Ethereum is great for dapp devs because they’ve made it so easy to get up and running and I hope BOS can learn from them and even make improvements.

  • 1) As we already described in our BOScoin whitepaper v1.0, our TC(aka. DApp) will be implemented with various technologies, mainly we are concentrated on Web Ontology and TAL(Timed-Automata Language) for TC.
  • 2) Yes, Ethereum’s way is great and we can learn from their history. Just like Ethereum’s Dapps, we are also preparing our own DSL(Domain Specific Language) for TC, it will be similar to the natural human language, but it’s expression will be limited for writing trust contracts.

Q5 Most Dapps in Ethereum are subject to high gas costs and therefore, become expensive to use. How does BOS plan to solve this?

  • Thanks, good question. To execute DApp is too expensive until now, because to finish the DApp, node actually need to run the DApp (compiled) code. As you would expect it consumes computing power, especially CPU, massive network resources and storage space.
  • BOScoin also have same weaknesses, but we try to solve these by execution pre-assumption(TAL) and optimization of TC code, instead of imposing high cost for DApp.

Q6 If there are any limitations on protocol changing proposals, then what will those limitations be?

  • I don’t get it what you said, sorry.

Answers to Korean questions

We provide Korean answers only for Korean questions.

Q1 보스코인에선 Public Financing 이라는 개념을 통해 새로운 보스 코인을 발급한다고 하였습니다. 이를 투표를 통해서 결정하고 Trust contract를 통해 실행되죠. 근데, 제가 알고 있는 바로는 보스플랫폼에 올라가는 DApp들이 이더리움의 ERC-20처럼 새로운 코인을 발급하는게 아니라, Public Financing을 통해서 보스코인을 발급받는다고 들었습니다.
1) 모든 DApp들이 Public Financing을 통해서 새로운 보스코인을 발급받아야 하나요? 2) Public Financing을 통해서 추가로 발급한 코인은 전체 커뮤니티에 공정하게 분배되나요? 아니면 DApp에 속하게 되나요? 아니면 일정한 비율로 커뮤니티와 DApp에 배분되나요?

  • Public Financing은 boscoin의 한 중요한 기능과 역할인 TC(Trust Contract)가 작동하는 가장 중요한 예가 될 수 있을 것 같아요. 다시 말해서, (말씀하신 DApp의 역할을 boscoin에서 하는, 여기서부터 DApp은 TC라고 부를게요.)TC는 Public Finacing과 별개로 BOScoin 네트워크에서 가능한 다양한 활동들을 새롭게 정의하고 작동시킬 수 있는 도구로 사용될 것입니다.

1) TC를 네트워크에서 작동시키기 위해서는 PF를 거칠 필요는 없습니다. PF를 발생시키기 위해서 TC가 한 역할을 할뿐입니다. 
2) 자연스럽게 PF 내용이 명시한 실행할 주체(아마도 TC도 해당 PF를 준비한 곳에서 작성했겠죠^^)가 PF를 통해 발생한 코인을 가져가겠죠.

Q2 현재 보스코인은 작년 ICO이후 지속 계획 대비 일정 지연외 여러 이슈들로 인해, 커뮤니티의 기대치 저하 및 장기 가치투자자들의 보유 의지 약화 등이 지속 발생되고 있다고 생각합니다. 코스모스프로젝트와 같이 각 개발 단계별 계획 및 실행 단계의 실적을 실시간 볼 수 있는 마일스톤 관리 화면을 홈페이지에 게시할 계획은 있는지요? 있다면 언제쯤 반영 및 실행 가능 한가요?

  • 네, 걱정하시는 부분은 너무 잘 이해하고 내부에서도 시급히 진행하려고 노력하고 있습니다. Product Milestone은 좀더 정교하고 현실에 부합하는 내용으로 하루빨리 업데이트할 예정입니다.


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