BOS Newsletter- Splendor December

December 21, 2018



The very 1st Rewards were dispersed to BOScoin Members this week

on the 17th of December (KST)


Here are just a few of the positive feedback we noticed from the community: 


 -Uncle Sam: Just froze another unit, this is magnificent long may it continue

“It’s good that everyone received their membership rewards without any hickups, now it will be interesting to see what people do with their rewards, whether they freeze them or sell them? In my opinion people would be crazy not to freeze them while the rewards are still at about +50%.”- @ChefBedo


“역사적인 첫 보상..잘 캡쳐해두겠습니다. 훗날 이런 날이 있었지..하는 추억이 될 것 같네요. 늦게까지 수고해 주신 스텝 분들께 감사드립니다.” (ENG) “Historical first reward…I’ll take good screenshots. It’ll be a memory when we are able to say there was a day as such. Thanks to the staff for their work until late hours.”- J.W UHM


*Note: Early bird rewards were not included in first dispersement but separately distributed on the 20th (KST).

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BOScoin GG56 PayExpress Signed Trilateral MOU, First Step in Introducing Blockchain-based Payment System


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Our New Year’s Resolution is to get to know each other much more (just don’t tell us your Secret Seed). To start off, here’s an interview with Joel from our Spanish community. Joel is a Spanish crypto enthusiast who has been investing in crypto since 2013, Angel Investor in projects of high technological development and founder of Crypto Birds Platform (a community dedicated to the analysis of new crypto projects funded through ICO).


Q. What are your deciding factors in coin investment? 
J. Solid equipment, advanced technology and problem solving.
Q. What are your goals for BOScoin? 
J. See this  great  project grow.
Q. How do you vision BOScoin impacting the world? 
BOScoin is developing an interesting technology with a totally decentralized system. Currently few Blockchain platforms follow this philosophy. I think this is the way to reach a mass adoption. I believe that large corporations will take BOScoin as a system of self-governing interaction of their processes.
Q. What qualities or words do you associate with BOScoin?
J. Congress Network , Trust Contracts, ISAAC.
Q. Please list 3 words that you associate with BOScoin
J. Decentraliced, self-evolving, nodes.
Q. Anything else you’d like to share with the global BOScoin community?
A. We have the technology, we have a great team, but the community is the most important, let’s take BOScoin to the place where it has to be.


Thanks for reading,

BOScoin Team