BOS Newsletter — September 28th

Written by BOScoin
September 28th 2018

BOS Newsletter — September 28th, 2018


Exchange Listings

BOScoin listing on Coinbene — Sep 28, 2018

BOS will be listed on on September 28th, 2018, featuring BOS/BTC trading.

LAtoken Exchange

LAtoken exchange ( is finalizing their wallet integration.

They are conducting live testing on our TokenNet network, and will announce a listing date once they are ready to receive deposits.


Consensus: Singapore conference



Myungsan Jun, CSO spoke on a panel at the conference on blockchain law.

Wouter Bothoff, our European Community Manager, attended the Consensus: Singapore conference with Myungsan Jun.

He spoke to media, and engaged attendees promoting BOScoin during the conference.


Press Release — Reverse ICO Partner Program

WOTI Governance Enters Agreement for Jeju Island Rent-A-Car “Zzim Car” Partnership

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Korea Cashback (CEO: Young-min Kim) entered a business agreement with Nature Mobility (CEO: Joo-sang Lee) on Sept. 18 at the conference room on the 8th floor of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) to provide a free rent a car reservation service in Jeju Island to domestic and international tourists who participate in the WOTI Governance.

As part of partnership programs offered at home and abroad to commemorate the 2019 launch of WOTI Governance, which was announced at the last meet-up in the Plaza hotel on Sept. 3, the agreement will allow the companies to secure over 5,000 conventional and electric cars from 32 rent a car companies in Jeju Island that will be utilized for a complimentary service for tourists who participate in WOTI Governance.

Based on the business agreement with BlockchainOS (BOScoin), the WOTI Governance run by Korea Cashback will now allow users to obtain BOScoins for free through an app that uses location-based Augmented Reality and to use the coins in participating merchants by scanning a QR code. The global service will begin in 2019 and continue to accept a wide range of partners across the globe.

Securing a rent a car service in Jeju Island for the WOTI Governance enabled Korea Cashback to plan various ride-share and personal vehicle sharing services as well as gaining access to the technology that supports easy and fast connection with global companies. In the meantime, Nature Mobility expects to expand the market through the WOTI Governance and generate a steady revenue stream.

Both companies secured 129 electric vehicles to contribute to reduce pollution in tourist attractions and put them to use first for the free reservation service starting in 2019.

Also, together with its partners, Korea Cashback, Nature Mobility, and Pay Express, BOScoin plans to run a campaign to increase the adoption of electric cars and promote the service by Jeju island rent-a-car companies. It is building a service network based on the BOScoin platform to help rent-a-car companies that switch from gasoline-powered cars to electric cars.

With the launch of its mainnet in December around the corner, BlockchainOS is successfully running public financing service and partner development programs and announced with the partners its vision of building a blockchain town in Jeju Island where tourists can travel and shop using BOScoins, prior to the official launch of the WOTI Governance in 2019.


CEO/CTO — Ask Me Anything — September

Partnerships, Agreements and Services

Q1. The meet up in Korea seemed to be a great success, do you have a list of all the people and companies who turned up?

Q2. When BOScoins are actually used in the business with the partners, what procedure is needed for normal users to use the BOS (not the BOS holder) to pay for the in Jeju? From using an existing wallet?


Q1. All proposals at first can be considered as beta proposals. will there be a feature as a voter to send a proposal to 2nd round of voting? with a remark suggestion from the voter for modification/improvement of the proposal. will need to achieve a minimum consensus says “send to 2nd round”. I guess there will be a lot of proposal that me as a voter will mind to add or change some things to make it “perfect”. “Proposal modification phase” aka 2nd round of voting. What are your thoughts about something like this?

Q2. Would we be able to get some updates along the way (in the newsletter) with how TestNet is proceeding so people like myself who are not too technically aware can know where we are up to?

Q3. Can i link multiple accounts to one membership? If yes, can you elaborate on the connectivity between my wallet/account private key and voting process?



Q1. Do you have plans to put a search bar on so we can search for particular articles or announcements? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

Q2. Would you consider calling RIPP just reverse ICO as RIPP has bad connotations?

Q3. Would you be able to clearly outline for the community the difference between public financing, reverse ICO’s and trust contracts as I think there is some confusion between the three?

Q4. How exactly will the voting on PF00 take place?

Q5. At the original whitepaper it was mentioned That a congress member will get penalized if he does-not participates the voting process. Is this feature still on? If i am away from keyboard for a while i should expect reduced rewards? Or Any form of fines?

Q6. Would we be able to see the Korean meet up with English subtitles please?