BOS Newsletter- BOScoin and its Casual MEETUP in PRAGUE

January 25, 2019





We’re here to help. If you are experiencing any difficulties with KYC, please reach out to our KYC Support. Link via button provided below. Please do not leave any spaces in your Public Address during sign-up in your request for support. 
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1. GT coin market opened through GDAC Exchange. You can make BOScoin transactions, and fees can be paid with GT at a discounted promo rate (current opening promotion is 50% discount on payments with fiat in won). Happy shopping!




2. We are happy to announce that LATOKEN will soon re-open the listing for BOScoin !

LATOKEN is currently in the process of migrating to BOScoin’s Mainnet. As soon as the migration is completed, BOScoin trading will be possible again. Please wait for further announcements.





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Your Vote, Your Voice! We wanted to give our Congress Members a safe space to freely express their thoughts (beyond Telegram, of course). Our sole motivation in opening up a new forum was to give our Congress Voter Members a platform to discuss in-depth conversations prior to the 1 Vote for any proposals to a point of satisfaction where you are confident to have made the right vote.  Hence, you guessed it…only available to our Congress Voter Members.  It’s on the brink of opening, so stay tuned! If you haven’t yet joined…
Download the app and become a member now! 
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(Casual) MEET UP in PRAGUE
At cafe Decada -fb , accepting BOS for coffee and pastries-
Vacínova 876/10, 180 00 Prague, Czech Republic
Feel free to telegram Prokop, our Czech Community Manager- 


Prokop is a proud father of four children: 14yr., 8yr., and 1yr. old. Prokop has worked in advertising, marketing, communication, design, graphics, Corporate Identity, Brand Management, Business Support & Development for about 24 years across several countries. He became interested in cryptocurrency in 2012, but bought his first BTC bag in 2013. He loves spending the summer holidays with the family in Italy.


Q. Tell us how you started your journey with BOScoin? 

A. I was interested in the problem of governance models associated to crypto projects for a long period of time. That’s why I found projects which tried to solve this issue – BOScoin and Eternity for example. I compared BOScoin with Eternity (2 projects with governance), and later BOScoin with Icon (2 projects from Korea). BOScoin came out to me the most interesting and promising.


Q. What are your deciding factors in coin investment?

A. I don’t invest short term. Cryptocurrencies are new and young, and I try to find projects with vision that will be successful in the next 2, 5, or more years. So, why did I invest in BOScoin ICO? BOScoin focuses on implementing real-world businesses (that’s important). 


Q. What are your goals for BOScoin?

A.  I do not care about getting a lambo on the moon tomorrow. I want to see BOS as the foundation for a new macroeconomic system. 


Q. How do you vision BOScoin impacting the world?
A. The crypto appeared in response to the global situation. For me, it is a wonderful tech-econ-social-psychologic al experiment with a number of problems and mistakes. I do not think that BOScoin (and other crypto projects) will completely replace old economic models-they’re also evolving and adapting. But if BOScoin platforms manage to build a complex economic system where projects will be funded from the Common Budget, classical fusion, acquisitions and mergers will take place with high quality partners who will bring businesses or desirable services, it will be quite an impact on the world.