BOS Newsletter—August 21th

Written by BOScoin
August 21th 2018

BOS Newsletter — August 21th, 2018

BOScoin Signs MOU with Korea Cashback

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Korea’s first blockchain project BOScoin (, CEO: Yezune Choi, Company name: BlockchainOS, Inc.) announced today that it had entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea Cashback Inc. (CEO: Youngmin Kim) at the Seoul Center of Korea Tourism Organization, forming a strategic partnership with the company to develop a global travel platform (tentatively named “Woti”).

BOScoin is planning to introduce the distributed-network-based Human Identity Authentication for Woti, a platform which provides useful information for travelers using LBS (location-based service), so as not to violate personal information protection acts that are strengthening worldwide, more specifically the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Europe’s personal information protection act.

Woti will be serviced via a mobile app, providing travel and commercial information that can be helpful for FITs (Free Independent Travelers). The platform will also allow users to play in-app games or solve quizzes and let them earn rewards, such as entrance tickets or discounts at hotels or restaurants, anywhere in the world. This truly global platform, where travel agencies and travel service providers can participate from around the world, is working to accelerate the launch of new services by developing partnership support programs.

BOScoin is currently developing “BOS-Net,” a blockchain-based MainNet for public financing, and is striving to discover and nurture corporations that will run financing projects on BOS-Net through its “Reverse ICO Partner Program,” announced during the June Community Meetup.

“We signed an MOU with Korea Cashback because we considered the company to be a suitable partner for us to expand the business into a global platform, with its outstanding know-how and achievements in the domestic travel industry,” said BOScoin CEO, Yezune Choi. “We are going to hold a BOScoin Partner Community Meetup soon to showcase the partnerships and the progress we have made to date.”

About Korea Cashback:

CEO Youngmin Kim joined Segye Tour Co., Ltd. in 2000 and since then has been engaged in the tourism industry. The know-how and various experiences accumulated throughout his career will be the basis for the project with BOScoin. Korea Cashback is gaining attention as a company that will contribute to the development of the tourism industry by virtue of being selected as the Preliminary Venture Business in Korea’s tourism industry and receiving support via crowdfunding by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). These were part of KTO’s businesses launched in May 2018, aiming to nurture tourism venture companies which will create new values and synergies based on creativity, innovation, technology, etc. by cooperating with existing tourism companies.


BOScoin Signs MOU with Korea Cashback



Community Management / Meetup

BOScoin Korea Meetup is scheduled for Aug. 22 (Wed.) 19:00 ~ 22:00. 
The meetup is located at the Lotte Hotel L7 Gangnam Seoul 415 Teheranro Seoul, Republic of Korea.


Seoul Meetup 

Exchange Updates

Coinbene and LATOKEN are in active communication with our team regarding the integration of our wallet into their systems. Once there is a confirmed listing date from the exchange we will let the community know.

Applications Development Update

Android Mobile Wallet is scheduled for Aug 31, 2018 release. You can review the code for the Android Wallet at The iOS Mobile Wallet is scheduled for 1H, 2019 release.