BOS Newsletter – April 2nd, 2018

Written by BOScoin
April 2nd, 2018

BOS Newsletter; April 2nd, 2018


ISAAC — a New Turn!

Last week, our team released the part one of our ISAAC proof-of-concept to the public! This includes an informational webpage detailing the background of ISAAC and also code released on Github.

ISAAC is abbreviated from Initial, Sign, Accept and All Confirm. These are all states of the consensus process for our consensus algorithm leading to BOSNet; in addition, our CTO decided to show his marketing flair mixing his respect for the renown physicist Isaac Newton combining with the BOScoin product development.

ISAAC is our test environment for the consensus protocol, which showcases our current progress of the work to the public.It differs from our TokenNet consensus algorithm by including key functionality supporting our BOSNet including Open Membership, performance optimization components. Performance-wise, this includes managing the quorum configuration to ensure safety (consensus validity), and fault tolerance (accommodation for faulty nodes).

As mentioned, ISAAC is our prototype leading to the final mFBA consensus protocol. Using ISAAC, we will be able to interrogate and test our concept of the consensus algorithm.

The Part One release describes our basic concept of ISAAC, including code for the technically interested to play with the protocol.

Part Two of our release will provide more information to the public in detail including the different configurations to showcase how proper operation of the consensus protocol looks like, and how misbehavior looks like; and how the public can also participate in the testing of ISAAC.

Once we have conducted all testing of ISAAC, we will need to optimize the consensus algorithm and create the integration with BOSNet functions such as transactions and accounts; congress voting and Trust Contract processing — whereby then, we would have achieved our mFBA.

White Paper

Respecting our initial target to have the white paper ready by the end of March, we apologize to the community for not meeting this schedule.

Our current status for this work is that the first draft is complete is going through reviews — As this version includes much lengthier and detailed information, unfortunately this translates to a longer review time required.

Below are the steps for us to achieve the final White Paper v2.0 to be released to the public:

We apologize once again for the delay, but would like to re-affirm that this does will not affect heavily on the product development, as we are working in parallel on these major work packages.


March saw a slightly more quiet moment with no BOScoin meetups. However rest assured, we do appreciate our community and support you have for our product and we wish to reinvigorate with the community the next month!

This time we are focusing on some events in Europe — please see the list below on when and where we aim to be — and if you have a chance, please feel free to drop by at any of the suitable events for a chat!

Upcoming Meetups and Events

– AMSTERDAM — 08:30pm 13 May 2018: Oudebrugsteeg 9, Amsterdam, NL

– PRAGUE — 17 May 2018: (Location TBA)

– Prague Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference — 17 May 2018: Prague, Republic of Czech

We will continue to look for opportunities to catch up with the community, with discussions in place for potential events in Russia and Switzerland as well.

Please also note, our Community Manager Scott Matheina holds monthly BOScoin sessions in Dallas — with the next one scheduled for April 18th, 2018 — this session will focus on our ISAAC consensus for those interested.

Wallet — Keep Walking..


Our development of the wallet has been progressing behind the scenes and last Friday, our Applications Development Team provided a walk-through of our wallet design, including the flow and image prototypes.

This release of the wallet aims to improve on the security and user friendliness from public feedback and internal discussions on our web wallet.

Some optimizations being addressed are including:

– an address book

– a Restore Key for better account management including the ability to re-access your account if you lose your secret seed, and also to further protect your account

The session was successful in a healthy discussion on the security components, cross-checking processes and ideas of the wallet, and discussing the integration of the wallet into the BOScoin environment. The fruitful feedback from our internal review will help us further update the development of our wallet.

As a sneak peak of the work, we have included a few screenshots of what was presented below!



Don’t forget to read up about our ISSAC release via the link below!