BOScoin Newsletter — Feb. 19th, 2018

Written by BOScoin Feb. 19th, 2018

BOS Platform Development updates

Our main development team is running the product development on agile, where the sprints will be in ‘Iterations’.

On an ongoing basis, the team will collectively add tasks to a Kanban board, where this will be reviewed and resourcing added (i.e. allocating the time it takes to complete the task).

At the beginning of each Iteration, the team will collectively allocate a set of tasks — these will be the focus for the Iteration in question.

BOScoin operates in an open environment where team members have the liberty to take whichever task they wish — as long as the team agrees.

Every Friday, the team will hold an ‘R’ Day where they present their work (research and coding), the work is then open to review by the team. From this, there may be more tasks emerged for future Iterations.

Currently the team is on their 4th Iteration with the below elements of the product to be interrogated

1. Consensus Algorithm (mFBA)

1.1 Optimized Quorum Configuration

1.2 Consensus Process Story Boarding

1.3 Test Cases Definition

1.3.1 Fault Tolerance

1.3.2 Liveliness

1.3.3 Faulty Nodes

2. Trust Contract

2.1 Simple Blockchain

2.1.1 Message

2.1.2 Account

2.1.3 Consensus

2.1.4 Data Storage (Block)

2.2 Execution Engine

2.3 Compile & Static Analysis

2.4 Market Validation Model

2.5 Account State Data

3. Other

3.1 Memory Based Network

3.2 Jumping Consensus State

3.3 Faulty Node Configuration in Star-cluster

3.4 Bulk Message Client


Blockchain Government

A journal article, regarding how blockchain is linked to how society operates or is heading towards, has been approved and published by SpringOpen authored by our CSO Myungsan Jun.The article provides an initial landscaping of a number of governments exploring the blockchain technology, and explains that this is because the basis of the technology is already present in our society, especially in the area of social technology, which organizes how people do things.Using blockchain and smart contracts, we too are able to organize bureaucracy in a trustful, and data focused manner, which is un-tamperable — and this can be applied into governmental work.The article closes with some areas for blockchain technology development to focus their efforts on, in order to realize its potential.Feel free to have a read of the article (

BOS Balance

There are a handful of ways to view your BOS balance — however only 2 methods are supported by BOScoin.

If you wish to view how much BOS you have, please use the below link[public_address_here]

The above link sources the information directly from the horizon server so you can be sure it is accurate, however this currently only works with desktop browsers.

Alternatively you may view your balance via your wallet:

All other links are maintained by BOScoin enthusiasts.


Meet the BOScoin Team

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Conference Dallas

Last week, our BOScoin team (Yezune Choi, Hankyeol Tschoe, Aston Nam, and Scott Mathiena) attended the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Conference at Dallas between 16th to 18th, where we also held a BOScoin Meetup after the first day of the conference.


BOScoin San Francisco Meetup

If you are in the US and did not have a chance to catch up with our crew, we will also be holding another meetup in San Francisco — details below:

Date: Wednesday Feb 21st, 2018

Time: 18:30 (local time)

More Information