'Blockchain Government' Free Download — October 31st, 2018

Written by BOScoin
October 31st 2018

‘Blockchain Government’ Free Download — October 31st, 2018

To celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th birthday, BOScoin decides to offer free pdf download of “Blockchain Government” written by Myungsan Jun from BOScoin.
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Get your free copy here >>> https://goo.gl/1e1ifX

About the Author

Myungsan Jun graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Division of Sociology, Seoul National University in Korea in 1995. He has worked in the IT industry for 20 years including Cyworld, the world’s first successful social network service (SNS). He published a book, in 2012, which analyzed the communication structure of twenty-first century. This book was selected as an “Excellent literary book” in 2012 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Korea. He also writes IT columns for various journals in Korea. In 2017, he published his second book, in Korea in which he investigates the relationship between the government, blockchain and social trust. He now is concentrating on BOScoin project (https://boscoin.io) to redesign the future with blockchain technology.