ATTN: Mainnet Migration Re-scheduled!

Written by BOScoin
November 19th 2018

ATTN: Mainnet Migration Re-scheduled!

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Hello Everyone,

The Nov. 20th BOScoin Mainnet migration date has been adjusted due to the issues listed below.


  1. Final Quality Control

Currently, the development team is conducting extensive “acceptance testing” to ensure the quality of the SEBAK based Mainnet network, which requires more time for testing and verification.

Please understand that rising the security par and strengthening safety checks for the secure management of our BOScoin holders’ assets are of our most priority.


  1. Exchanges Support Issues

Each exchange in line with BOScoin is currently run on different development methods. Currently, the BOScoin Development team supports API and more to each and individual development request made by exchanges.

Thus, we decided that it was necessary to provide the extended working hours to each of the exchanges in order to support with maximum reliability. To ensure the secure boundaries of BOScoin holders, we would like to ask for your understanding of the extended measures.

In addition, we will open the Mainnet Public Testnet Android App Wallet on November 20. Additionally to your Mainnet Wallet, you can freely test the Testnet-based app Wallet. 

The scheduled migration will proceed on November 27th at 24:00 (+UTC 09:00). The existing Tokennet will be suspended between the 23rd and 26th. The exact date will be announced later.


We apologize for the urgent decision to reschedule as we know many of you were anticipating the migration.

We ask for your understanding in our efforts to heighten the security of BOScoin.


Thank you.

BOScoin Team