Ask Me Anything – PF & Congress Voting – December

Written by Yezune Choi & PF Team of BOScoin
December 20 2018

Answer questions about PF & Congress Voting

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1.(Congress Voting) Say I have 1 million BOScoin frozen on my BOScoin app do the rewards get added to the balance to the left of it or do they get added to the attached BOScoin wallet? Thanks, Chef Bedo. 😀

  • Membership rewards will be added to your membership account which is on the left side on the Congress Voting app. You can check the receiving transactions using the web wallet or android wallet as well.

. Our biggest concern is how can ensure absolute 100% fairness in centralized nodes for PF and Reverse ICOS? Why not we wait until main net 2.0? On the reverse ICO ..I hope we will release the funds in small batches as long as they meet milestones? Are we going to put some locking period, so that these partners don”t dump boscoins?

  • I believe that you are asking how community can verify that the funds are distributed as approved by Congress Voting. You can directly verify transaction information by checking Mainnet API. The account to receive the funds shall be presented in the PF proposal, so anyone can check the transaction related to the account. If you are not familiar with API, simply check out this site:
  • Your second question was answered in November AMA. All the details of each PF may depend on how the partner company proposes to receive the funds and how the community would react to the proposal. The company would want to receive funds at once or by installment depending on the progress of its project. In the latter case, an escrow account would be necessary.


Q3. What is the criteria you use for quality control when choosing partners either for public financing or Reverse ICO’s? Thanks, Chef Bedo. 😀

  • The company should currently be running an established business, and its business model should be able to create synergy with blockchain technology.


Q4. I am still a bit confused, if Payexpress does a Reverse ICO and people buy PESS tokens using BOScoin, then are people able to use those on their Blockchain or are they swapped back to BOScoin? Can you explain this process? Thanks, Dinesh.

  • The Partner company’s token will be issued and swapped for BOScoin if approved by the community.

. Can you let us know how you are striving to make BOScoin usable in the real world? Like have you approached any businesses about them selling their products for BOScoin? Thanks, Dinesh.

  • In 2018 BOS team signed MOU with five partner companies running an established business. I believe that we published articles and newsletters about these MOU and partner companies. you can see all of our press releases at In addition, BOS team is planning to submit a proposal to expand BOScoin ecosystem in the upcoming year. Please stay tuned with updates!


Q6. Dahemmer designed a reward calculator before the White Paper 2.0 was published that said running a node would turn 40,000 BOS into 60,000 BOS in the first year. Do you acknowledge that this is considerably more as a percentage than 32% that will be received for Membership Rewards?


Q7. It has been said that we cannot access the 6000 BTC that was raised in the ICO, if this is true what does this mean for our project?

  • BOS team gathered at ICO about 6000 BTC and established BOS Platform Foundation based in Switzerland to manage the funds. The establishment of the Foundation was necessary under the regulation at that time. Thus, the Foundation manages the funds and BlockchainOS runs business. The foundation is supposed to pay to BlockchainOS its expenditures by agreement.


Q8. (Congress Voting) I want to check transfer information of the membership account.

  • After importing your Membership account from the ‘BOScoin Wallet(Mainnet)’, you can check the transaction details of ‘0BOS processing fee’. Corresponding transaction details are the details of transaction and simultaneous ‘freezing’ details from the Membership account to the Frozen account. The total balance in your account is showing the balance minus the frozen amount. Frozen amount can be transferred to my Membership account again after unfreezing.


Q9. (Congress Voting) It’s difficult to find the freezing transaction after even voting, where can I check?

  • ‘BOScoin Congress Voting’ > Account > Frozen account transactions can be checked. Also, BOSexplorer > Membership Account Public Address Search > You can check the transfer history of a Freezing transaction. (Indicated as Create account)


Q10. (Congress Voting) I want to know how to request Unfreezing

  • Unfreezing steps are as follows.
  • Account > Click Unfreezing > Select Unfreezing account > Password verification for Membership account > Unfreezing countdown begins, D-14 is displayed when unfreezing countdown begins.
  • When Unfreezing is completed after 14 days, ‘Transfer’ button will be activated. When clicked, Unfreezed BOScoin will automatically complete transfer to your Membership account.


Answers to Korean questions

Q8. (콩그레스 보팅) 멤버십 계좌로 이체한 내역을 확인하고 싶어요

  • 멤버십 계좌를 ‘보스코인 월렛(메인넷)’ 에 가져오기 후 거래 상세 내역을 확인하면 ‘수수료가 0BOS’인 거래건을 확인하실 수 있습니다. 해당 거래내역이 멤버십 계좌에서 프로즌 계좌로 이체와 동시에 ‘프리징’된 내역입니다. 내 계좌의 전체 잔액은 프리징한 금액을 제외한 남은 잔액을 표시하고 있습니다. 프리징한 금액은 언프리징 후 이체하기를 통해 다시 내 멤버십 계좌로 이체해야만 자유롭게 거래 가능합니다.


Q9. (콩그레스 보팅) 투표까지 다했는데 프리징 내용을 확인이 어렵네요, 어디서 확인이 가능한지요

  • ‘보스코인 콩그레스 보팅’ > 계정 > Frozen 계좌 내역에서 확인할 수 있습니다. 또는 보스익스플로러 > 멤버십 계좌 공개주소 검색 > 트랜잭션 내역 중 Freezing 한 송금 내역을 확인 할 수 있습니다. (Create account로 표기됨)


Q10. (콩그레스 보팅) 언프리징 신청 방법이 궁금해요

  • 언프리징 신청방법은 다음과 같습니다.
  • 계좌 > Unfreezing하기 버튼 클릭 > 언프리징 할 계좌 선택 > 멤버십 계좌 비밀번호 인증 > 언프리징 카운트다운 시작 언프리징이 시작되면, D-14로 표시되면서, 카운트 다운이 시작됩니다.
  • 14일 후 언프리징이 완료되면, 화면에 ‘이체하기’라는 버튼이 활성 됩니다. 해당 버튼을 클릭하시면, 내 멤버십 계좌로 언프리징된 보스코인이 자동으로 송금 완료 됩니다.



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