Ask Me Anything – Partnerships, Agreements and Services

Written by Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin
October 24 2018

Answer questions about Partnerships, Agreements and Services

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1. Hi, I was talking to John Jusang Lee (the CEO of Naturemobility) and he said that Naturemobility, Payexpress, and Koreacashback will all be cooperating and sharing resources, is this what is meant by commonization of assets and is this one of the conditions for receiving public financing? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Commonization of assets is not the condition for receiving public financing. We’re planning to look into the possibility of creating synergy between future partner companies, but the specific conditions for PF will differ for each case. You’ll be able to review those when each proposal is submitted.


Q2. How is WOTI connected to BOScoin in technical terms, is it a token based on BOScoin’s Blockchain?

  • WOTI is presented as a concept. It is under discussion on how it will be technologically implemented in connection with BOScoin.


Q3. Hi team, when partnerships are made is the commonization of assets written into the deal and can you explain this and maybe give an example of how this works in practice? Thanks, Chef Bedo

  • PF proposal/deal can include value exchange between BOScoin community and a partner company. Let’s assume an airplane company wants to receive PF. The company can propose to offer a fixed rate of discount of tickets to BOS community in exchange for receiving the funds.


Q4. Hi, will BOScoin has tokens on blockchain like stellar or ethereum? Will users be able to create and issue own tokens based on BOScoin blockchain? If yes, I do know bos wants to go from ICO model to public financing model, but if tokens are possible and trust contracts will be in place – will there be a technical possibility to perform a “classic” ICO with token creation and money raising through trust contract? Thank you, Mike.

  • No, BlockchainOS pursues Public Financing as its business model instead of DAPP/ICO. We want BOScoin to expand its usage into various business domains and to maintain network performance at the same time.