BOScoin - Ask Me Anything - Other

Written by Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin
September 21 2018

Answer questions about other

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Only three categories will be posted this month. (Development, Partnerships, Agreements and Services, Other.) No questions from other categories came in.

Q1. Do you have plans to put a search bar on so we can search for particular articles or announcements? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Yes we do. We are modifying and upgrading our main homepage, and you will be able to easily search PF, voting, WP2.0, news and articles.


Q2. Would you consider calling RIPP just reverse ICO as RIPP has bad connotations

  • Thanks, we will consider your suggestion.


Q3. Would you be able to clearly outline for the community the difference between public financing, reverse ICO’s and trust contracts as I think there is some confusion between the three?

  • I understand where you got confused. Basically, Public Financing refers to issuance of BOScoin, and the ultimate purpose of the issuance is adding value to the community. The specific purpose of issuance will differ for each PF. You will be able to learn the details of each PF when the proposal is presented to vote on. For example, PF_R_00 refers to the first PF about distributing reward to the community.
  • In the RIPP program, our partner companies will conduct reverse-ICO where they run a token sale to initiate their token business. With the result of their reverse-ICO and business build-up, our community will have a chance to vote on whether or not partner companies’ assets should be bound to BOScoin. If that proposal passes, partner companies enter PF stage, where their asset is bound to BOScoin’s.


Q4. How exactly will the voting on PF00 take place?

  • The exact date for voting will be announced around the first week of November.


Q5. At the original whitepaper it was mentioned That a congress member will get penalized if he does-not participates the voting process. Is this feature still on? If i am away from keyboard for a while i should expect reduced rewards? Or Any form of fines?

  • There is no financial penalty for not voting. However, you will be influenced by the result of voting, not reflecting your opinion. For example, if you do not vote for PF_R_00 (Membership reward PF), resulting in rejection of the proposal, you won’t be able to receive any reward consequently.


Q6. Would we be able to see the Korean meet up with English subtitles please?

  • Yes, certainly. However, takes time for translations and uploading subtitles.