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Written by Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin
October 24 2018

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We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1. As part of the bounty or even something to implement for MainNet, is there a way BOScoin could set up referral links so anybody who brings in a new buyer (say more than say 1 unit) is given a small percentage on top of their Membership Rewards? I think this would greatly encourage investors to bring in as many new people as they can. Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Yes, there will be referral reward program associated with Mainnet launching. We will announce it via official telegram regarding this referral reward program very soon.


Q2. Hi, I noticed newsletters are no longer coming to my email address each Tuesday, is there a reason for this? I re-entered my email at the bottom left of without any change, is this something you’re aware of? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Mailchimp, the tool we have been using for the newsletter, has recently blocked all the crypto related content. Therefore, we are unable to send the newsletter via email at this time. However, we do post our newsletter on every Friday. In order to send the newsletter over email, we are looking into different tools.


Q3. For the Reverse ICO launch when they publish a White Paper does that mean they will be launching their own token (like Ethereum) or is that to launch an app on BOScoin’s platform? Could you expand on this? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Details of the Reverse-ICO are under review. Basically, the partner company will launch their own token under the premise that it will be integrated into BOScoin’s platform, but the decision on inclusion will be made by the community via Congress Voting. Thus, you will be able to see the details when the proposal is submitted.


Q4. Will the issuance change if we vote yes on PF00? Thanks

  • I assume you are asking if Membership Reward Proposal (PF00) needs additional issuance other than what’s scheduled in WP1.0. The answer is no. If Membership Reward Proposal is approved, it will be executed without any additional issuance. The sum of budget for freezing reward and confirmation reward described in WP1.0 will be intactly allocated to the budget for Membership Reward Proposal.


Q5. Do you have any plans as a way of growing our community and getting listed on new exchanges to reimburse community members in listing competitions like you did for KuCoin? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • We are always looking for new ways to grow and activate our community. Moreover, there will be a special event to celebrate the launch of our Mainnet. As for exchanges, we are also looking for top leading ones for 2018 Q4, and events for listing.


Q6. There is no link that I can see to BOScoin’s Reddit on it would be good to help grow BOScoin’s Reddit community too

  • So far we have been trying and using different channels for BOScoin communication. Numerous channels becomes costly. As a result, we decided to use BOScoin Official Telegram group as our main communication tool. Unfortunately we have decided not to use Reddit at this moment. Please visit ( to communicate with us.


Q7. Where do public financing funds come from, the Commons budget or from the BTC raised in the ICO?
I’m unsure where public finance funds come from, is it from the BTC that was raised in the ICO, is the funds from the Commons budget, or is it like banking where they have fractional reserves. where they can lend out 9 times what they have in reserves?
Hi, when MainNet launches and the membership rewards are issued is there a chance that the new issued coins will devalue the current coins in the BOS eco system? Thanks, Uncle Sam.

  • The source of budget for public financing will be dependent on the types of PF and funding size. Depending on them, PF could use Commons budget or need additional issuance. In any case, proposals need to be approved by community via Congress voting.


Q8. Hi, there has been some intense debate and brainstorming in our English Telegram channel about BOScoin’s name and how some people like BOS but are not so keen on BOScoin for the reason that it is a platform and not solely a coin. Is there any way maybe when marketing BOScoin that we could put the emphasis on BOS without particularly going to all the effort of rebranding? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • The official name, “BOScoin”, has been used since the beginning for press release and exchanges, so we hope you understand that it is not easy to change the name. However, our ticker name, BOS, is used for exchange. Since some projects have similar names as BOScoin, we want to stick with “BOScoin” to keep it consistant.


Q9. Hi, do you have some upcoming articles planned in some big-name crypto publications like Coindesk or Coin Telegraph, similar to the ones you had leading up to the ICO? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Early this year in September, the CSO of BOScoin participated in Coindesk’s Consensus Conference in Singapore. We are building a good relationship with Coindesk by participating in their events. We will also participate in their events next year in Korea. We aim for being published in major crypto community media as well as in the media of other related industries. To view one of our recent posts:


Q10. Hi, how would transaction fees be distributed to community, I notice they weren’t mentioned in BOScoin’s newsletter on 28 August? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • We apologize for the inability to pay the transaction fee on time. It was delayed due to internal error, and payment was completed on October 22. Transaction fees will be distributed as same as before.


Q11. Hi, the format of this AMA started off well being a video that was translated into English and played on your YouTube channel but when that morphed into what we have now I feel it lost a lot of potential. This is sufficient for the moment while we’re under the radar but I think this will be a marketing opportunity lost if you don’t turn this into an event that has investors sitting on the edge of their seats anticipating what BOScoin’s next move will be, especially when MainNet starts and there are lots of questions about proposals etc. Also if you have any developers that speak English that would make the videos a lot better for Westerners like myself, even if they are not developers but merely voicing what the developers have answered. Having said all this when you reconsider resuming videos again? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Like you mentioned, we are sorry about switching the AMA format from video to current state. We have received feedback regarding adding English translation to event videos or doing real-time translation. We will implement real-time translation and more video/article translation in future.


Q12. With MainNet approaching fast is there a way we can advertise directly to LAtoken, KuCoin and Coinbene’s already established traders as I see simply listing on LAtoken and Coinbene hasn’t seen much price movement? Thanks.

  • With Mainnet approaching, we are contacting each exchange for new integration. We are also discussing new promotional plans for marketing with them.


Q13. Hi, at the bottom of where you have your newsletter link and social media tags might you also want to list which exchanges we are on just as a reference? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • We have processed your request. If you visit now, you will be able to see a list of the exchanges at the bottom. After Mainnet is launched, we will have another home page design renewal. Please give us more feedback in future as well.


Q14. Hi You are releasing a new whitepaper which means you were not really sure when you made the ICO about the project. You promised bullshit. You should say sorry to the people that invested a lot of money in your project. With 25 millions and after more than a year you have nothing. Not good exchanges except Kucoin. I feel sad, because I was wondering on investing on you or Aragon… what a bad choice for me. Where is your marketing team? I can’t even sell my Boscoins because there is no enoff market trading volume. What I should do? What will you tell to an investor like me? Only say sorry… or tell something to the investors. Some of us take things to serious! I am a big supporter of BOScoin and invested big-time in your project, each day I wake up and come to your telegram channel and see only a little activity and mostly disgruntled people wondering when any marketing will be done? There is little to no activity on your social media and only listing on small exchanges with no volume and my investment is going nowhere in US$ and into the negative if compared to BTC, please do better in future and give me something to be happy about.

  • First of all, we truly apologize for the current price. We are also sorry that our performance does not meet your expectation. We are now listed on KuCoin, LAtoken, and CoinBene. We are also contacting potential leading exchanges for listing in Q4. Mainnet will be launched in the end of this year, and there will be more marketing plans associated with it. We thank you for believing in us and we will try our best to show you the best performance.


Q15. Would you be able to do some more videos translated into English as we really enjoy those and they are really good for marketing? Thanks. We are hungry for information between our Tuesday newsletters and monthly AMA and would appreciate any videos like for example maybe a walk-through of your workspace and offices or an introduction to team members (in English). I know translating videos to English might be a lot of work but I’m sure this can be outsourced and I’m sure whatever the cost it would surely pay for itself in community excitement. Thanks, Chef Bedo

  • We have started creating animation videos for BOScoin. We are also contacting international influencers to review our projects. In addition, we will prepare a real time translation service as well as live streaming service for future conferences and meetups. More marketing materials will be prepared in different languages including English, Korean, Chinese and more.


Q16. Do you have a plan for how to get good volume in the exchanges we are in? This would help to fund the Commons budget if people were made aware of how great BOScoin is, I’m sure people would agree they just need awareness.

  • We are seeking ways to increase volume on exchanges. In addition, there will be various promotional events for mainnet launching. Please stay tuned.

. Would we be able (maybe in a newsletter?) to get an outline of who is on your team and what positions you currently have vacant that you are trying to fill?

  • is under renovation at the moment. When the final update is finished, we will notify you through the community channels. You will also be able to find job position through career tab.


Q18. Can you please let us know which press are coming to MainNet launch? Thanks

  • The exact launch date will soon be announced through the official community channel. It will also be announced through PR media.


Q19. after Mainnet is launched will the Commons budget fund proposals to get on larger exchanges that require BTC or cash?

  • We appreciate you suggestion, and it will be brought up during internal meetings. We will discuss about this plan and announce in future. Thank you.