BOScoin - Ask Me Anything - Other

Written by Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin
August 23 2018

Answer questions about other

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Only three categories will be posted this month. (Development, Management, Other.) No questions from other categories came in. Thank you.

Q1. Would you consider doing another bounty program? It would help you reach your roadmap goals of 10,000 (in Q4) and 100,000 (in Q2 2019). It could help people adopt your new android and iPhone wallets and help drive up numbers in your new telegram group plus drive up some excitement. Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Yes, we are planning another bounty program. However, it is difficult to disclose it because it has not been finalized yet. If you give us a good suggestion, we will review it. Thank you.


Q2. When do you plan to update your website to have a link to your official telegram replace your slack invitation? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Our website is updated to reflect the new telegram links. You can find our official telegram channels at the footer of our Official BOScoin Website,


Q3. What specifically does BOScoin have in place for advertising? I love the project but it seems nobody know about it. Yes it’s great to have all the technology in the world and a committed team but in crypto we have to be honest, we need hype and awareness also. I never see anythingBOScoin anywhere no advertising or anything. Any plans to spend funds getting the word out? How do you plan to make people aware of the project?

  • As we have already informed you through the newsletter, there will be BOScoin listing on exchanges like CoinBene and LATOKEN soon. CoinBene in particular is a large exchange within Top 10 based on CoinMarketCap. We are very excited that BOScoin will be listed there. So, we are conducting various marketing activities in line with these exchanges. In addition, we will conduct special marketing activities with global managers in 4Q of this year. We are also preparing for a large-scale ‘BOSCON 2018’ event at the end of the year, and we will be conducting various advertising and promotional activities accordingly.


Q4. How would you reach your target of #20 in CMC or better? Is this still a legit target?

  • It’s true we haven’t had much activity to promote BOScoin thus far. However, starting from June’s community meeting, we are planning various activities for the second half of this year to promote and advertise BOScoin. Through these activities and much more, we are working hard to achieve our goal.

  • 1) With BOScoin’s release on the MainNet, BOScoin will launch Public Financing. BOScoin is preparing business partnerships, such as Payexpress, Forbes, and KLST. We anticipate when we launch Mainnet, it will contribute greatly to the revitalization of the BOScoin ecosystem.

  • 2) We are currently working on the BOScoin listing with various exchanges, such as large exchanges, i.e. CoinBene. We will conduct various marketing activities in line with exchange listings.

  • 3) We are conducting various media/PR activities. In addition, we are working with various media companies in Korea, and also planning various media activities through partnership with the global media, i.e. Insight Success Magazine. Also, we are participating in domestic and foreign conferences such as attending the Beyond Blocks Conference and trying to increase the awareness of the BOScoin.


Q5. Do you have a strict policy on not paying to get on a large exchange? It seems that any exchanges of decent size and trading volume charges a fee to list coins/tokens, if you don’t plan to pay before MainNet do you see this as being an example of a proposal that could be put forward to get Commons budget funding? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • We do not have any policy on spending funds for the marketing. As said previously, we are doing marketing in line with the launch of MainNet.