Ask Me Anything – Marketing – November

Written by Yezune Choi & Marketing Team of BOScoin
November 26 2018

Answer questions about marketing

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1. Having just passed the 10 year Birthday of Bitcoin does BOScoin team have any long-term goals that stretch beyond what you have shown us on your roadmap and if so what are they? Thanks, Chef Bedo. 😀

  • BOScoin’s long-term goals are to become a driving force in global finance and a global blockchain platform/investment institution that is comparable to Goldman Sachs. This is the long-term vision of BOScoin that CEO Choi has been speaking about. The specifics of the roadmap are not all hashed out yet, but we believe to present you with a detailed plan when the first PF proposal vote is finished since our launching of the Mainnet and the business will be in full swing next year. (This is the latest news article in English

. On your roadmap you state you plan to have 10,000 voting Congress members by Q4 2018 and 100,000 voting members by Q2 2019, according to we have 2594 wallet holders over 10,000 coins, that means under best conditions we need a 4x increase, do you think this is achievable and if so how? Thanks. 😀

  • First of all, the account information at needs to be explained. The current count only indicates the number of accounts created on our BOScoin page. Thus, please note that the number of accounts created through exchange is not reflected. For an example, KuCoin has the most volume but it does not reflect it. The number we presented on the roadmap during our Community Meetup was our goal, and it still remains unchanged. We cannot estimate how many Congress Members will be Voting at this first Vote but we are aggressively and constantly venturing ways to expand our membership.


Q3. How is the iPhone app coming along, will it be ready by mid-Q1? Thanks. 😀

  • Along with our release of the Mainnet Wallet, we are preparing an iphone version for use as well. However, please understand that it is difficult to announce a launch date since Apple’s policy to conduct and reject cryptocurrency wallets occurs often unscheduled.


Q4. Do we have any South Korean exchanges coming up? Surely being local and South Korea’s first ICO you would have some contacts that you could lean on? Thanks. 😀

  • We are currently in the process of holding a public listing with major local and overseas exchanges. Please understand the sensitivities of communicating details yet but be assured that we are always working hard to deliver the quickest news to our community and is of our most priority.

. What plans do you have to encourage people to become Congress members? I believe ‘Membership Rewards’ is only one part, we need to make people aware of this.

  • We are promoting through events like the “Participation Appreciation for BOScoin’s 1st Voting” promotion that allows participants to earn up to 1,000 BOS. Find out details in link: . The related animation video is on youtube and other promotional social media channels. We ask for your interest and support.


Q6. Will both android and Web wallet have the ability to freeze and vote or is it just the Web wallet? Thanks. 😀

  • Voting and Freezing is only available through the Desktop Application. We will be launching the Desktop Application along with Mainnet, as well as the how-to-manual and possibly a step by step video. You can check the PF page later for the Desktop Application download (Download not yet available).



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