Ask Me Anything – Marketing – March – 2019

Written by Yezune Choi & Marketing Team of BOScoin
March 22 2019

Answer questions about marketing

We tried to provide and cover all the questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1. BOScoin’s community is very small, we have very low volume on KuCoin. I notice we have a vote coming up for Korean community to vote on Pickthumb to get listed on Bithump but I fear because we have not been preparing by expanding BOScoin’s outreach we will come up short and lose. Please can you come up with a plan to expand our community? Thanks.

  • During our beginning of the year marketing workshop, we set up various strategies to expand our community (including bounty programs, meetup support, etc.). However, progression with these strategies is very difficult due to the current issues with the foundation. As soon as the issue with the foundation is resolved, we will proceed according to plan. Until then, we ask for your continuous support of the BOScoin team.
  • 커뮤니티 멤버 확장을 위해 올해 초 다양한 마케팅 플랜(바운티 프로그램, 밋업 지원 등)을 세웠습니다. 다만 현재 직면한 재단과의 이슈로 인해 정상적인 업무 진행이 사실상 어려운 상태입니다. 조속히 재단과의 이슈가 마무리되는 대로, 계획에 따라 진행하고자 합니다. 그때까지 보스코인팀을 응원해 주셨으면 합니다.

. Every AMA response to potential future exchange listings so far has been vague. Assuming the team has been talking with exchanges as they have stated, in the name of transparency, please provide the community with ballpark timelines.

Q3. BOScoin is supposed to be like a central bank whose Commons budget pays for projects to be built on our platform, I always thought a certain amount of money would be needed up front to get BOScoin on a number of large exchanges and then have some strategic marketing so our value is obtained through traders and partners alike but it seems no effort has been put in as far as listing fees go and we are yet to see the payoffs from partners too. When can we expect some large exchanges?

  • Since questions 2-3 are similar and related questions, we will answer them together.
  • All the communication and plans that were progressing behind the scenes have come to a full stop due to the issues with the Foundation. As soon as the issue with the foundation is completed, we will proceed normally, and we will deliver the news to you.
  • 위의 Q2~3 모두 비슷한 유형의 질문들이라 같이 답변을 하는 것이 좋을 거 같습니다. 
  • 대형 거래소 상장 관련해서 내부적으로 준비되어 오고 있던 것들도 모두 현재 회사 내부 및 외부에 직면한 재단과의 이슈로 인해 현재 잠정적으로 홀드 된 상태입니다. 재단과의 이슈가 마무리되는 대로 다시 정상적으로 진행할 계획이고, 이때에는 어느 정도 완성된 결과물을 전달해 드릴 수 있도록 하겠습니다.



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