BOScoin - Ask Me Anything - Management and Foundation

Written by Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin
August 23 2018

Answer questions about management and foundation

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Only three categories will be posted this month. (Development, Management, Other.) No questions from other categories came in. Thank you.

Q1. In the Telegram channel I’ve seen users interest from all over the world, is the BOS public financing system considered for worldwide applications or only for Koreans? Is it possible for worldwide society to apply for public financing using BOS or its only for Koreans?

  • The PF projects are targeted to partners around the World. However, until next year, the company is currently carrying out PF with its domestic partners in consideration of BOScoin’s market cap and in its initial stage.


Q2. Is there a risk that BOScoin is classified as a security because of the freezing rewards?

  • BOS is working closely with legal advice and will provide rewards in a form that does not violate securities law.


Q3. I know that BOS has a democratic approach about its governance, but with cryptocurrencies there is a high risk that most of the investors are complete illiterates about financials stuff, do you consider it risky thinking about the public financing funds?

  • Although PF voting is for individual decision making, BOS is considering ways to support individual decision making so that it can be made reasonably. For example, the PF promoter can describe whether the business it proposes is justified, what benefits it can bring to the community, and individuals can see them and make rational decisions.


Q4. Have you ever considered to rebrand in “BOS”, removing the “coin” part?

  • Thanks for your suggestion. Rebranding is not easy at the moment because it has already been known as BOScoin. Also, when we just call ‘BOS’, there will be no distinction because there are already similar brands in pronunciation and meanings that are commonly used.


Q5. Recently, I am interested in INSTAPAY on the Twitter of Myoung-San Jun, CSO of BOS. Although the above company is developing a separate blockchain called INSTCOIN, I think it would be better if BOS considers PAYMENT system to sign a contract with the similar company.


Answers to Korean questions

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Q5. 최근에 전명산 CSO님의 트위터에 INSTAPAY에 대해서 올리면서 개인적으로 관심을 가지게 되었습니다. 물론 위의 회사는 INSTACOIN이라는 별도 블록체인을 개발한다고 하지만, 보스코인이 PAYMENT시스템을 고려한다면 관련회사와 협약을 맺는게 좋다고 생각하는데 회사의 생각이 궁금합니다.