Ask Me Anything – Development – October

Written by Minhyo Bae, CTO of BOScoin
October 29 2018

Answer questions about development

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1. Hi, android wallet is okay for using bos in the future but we need a secure web wallet like Stellar has with Ledger Nano S, the code is on Github so integrating it will be easy and this will help with price and marketing the project. Copying secret seed and pasting is not secure. Thanks, Gomadosnitro.

  • Yes, I totally agree with you. We already have deeply considered the security issues for the wallet, so our current android mobile wallet, BOScoin Tokennet Wallet supports a ‘Recovery Key’, it is the replacement for Secret Seed. For more details about ‘Recovery Key’, please check What is Recovery Keys?
  • What is Recovery Keys? We only have a Secret Seed to secure and access the Web Wallet. However, we decided to add Recovery Keys and Passwords for the BOScoin Android Wallet to add security and the ability to securely Recover Wallets. Recovery keys are encrypted ‘Secret Seeds’ via the rock-repelling algorithm, which increases security in terms of ‘Secret Seed’ management.

. Is it possible to operate the node immediately after the main net is released?

  • Sadly no. The upcoming Mainnet, SEBAK is still in heavy development, so we will concentrate on stability and performance of our Mainnet for a while. As you know, our BOScoin network will be based on open membership for nodes, so by the end of next year, we will fully support the open membership for node, anyone will join our network without restriction.


Q3. Can one of our upcoming newsletters please touch on how TestNet is coming along, what difficulties you have had so far and what you see as the main hurdles going forward? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • We already expected that running a public blockchain is not easy, especially to keep it stable with performance makes it even more difficult. Our dev team is still fighting various kind of issues every day, but we believe, we will find a way. We always have 🙂


Q4. Hi, how are you coming along with TestNet? it’s hard to follow along for those who aren’t gifted and knowledgeable about coding. Thanks, Bosraradar. Can you please outline how TestNet is coming along, what difficulties you’ve had so far and what you see as the main issues going forward? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • Testnet is already opened to the public, It is ahead of big major updates. After major updates, you can use the web based wallet for Testnet and use the major feature like payment, freezing account, etc.

. Does BOScoin have a prototype? Thanks.

  • Yes, for our Mainnet we had developed several open and closed projects. The latest prototype was published as open source, The early code of our major project for Mainnet, SEBAK has the primitive code from our prototypes. You can use them to study FBA and p2p. We have a plan to publish our development history on our technical blog.


Q6. Hi team, Would we be able to use a national ID instead of a passport if one does not have a passport? Thanks, Chef Bedo. Will you consider other forms of ID such as national identification as well as passports because some people do not have passports? Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • As we know, our first congress voting needs KYC. The KYC service for this congress voting supports passport, national ID, and drivers license.



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