Ask Me Anything – Development – November

Written by Minhyo Bae, CTO of BOScoin
November 21 2018

Answer questions about development

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1. A lot of investors and private crypto currency funds will not invest in any projects that are not on Trezor or Ledger HW because of security risks, are you reaching out to being integrated on any hard wallet or is homomorphic encryption sufficient to guard from any risks? Thanks, Chef Bedo. 😀

  • We already have plans to integrate our wallet with a hardware wallet, but not at this time. We can provide a more secure wallet as soon as possible.

. Under introduction of ISSAC consensus protocols, it says “there are several types of nodes: validators, observers, etc.”. Can you name what other types of nodes there are and what is the difference is between? Thanks, Chef Bedo. 😀

  • At first, the validator node is used for consensus, it will try to confirm the incoming transactions and store the validated transactions. The observer, recently we called it ‘watcher (node)’, it just watches the confirmed blocks from the validators instead of participating in the consensus process. Other kinds of nodes can be possible in the future.


Q3. What does SEBAK stand for? Mike. 😀

  • Originally SEBAK is an ancient term in Korean, it means ‘Dawn’. SEBAK is the first version of the BOScoin Blockchain network. Will the next version after SEBAK be ‘Morning’? Who knows?


Q4. Which device/OS can be used to perform the KYC? Thanks, Michele

  • The Desktop Application allows BOScoin members to vote on the MainNet platform through the Voting (+KYC) functionality on major PF Proposals. This Application are only available through the desktop applications via PC/laptop, and not the BOScoin Wallet. You need to install the Desktop Congress Voting for Windows 64 bit or macOS (at Mainnet Launch) with a Desktop Congress Voting supported at a later date, and have a modern browser to complete KYC(such as, Chrome or Safari). More Specifications will be provided with the Desktop Congress Voting.

. How to setup the masternode? and how to swap?
If PF00 passes and running nodes is delegated to BlockchainOS will there be nodes in different quorums around the world to mimic real life? Thanks, Chef Bedo. 😀
Do you have an ETA when TestNet will be ready for us to test running a node or will this not be happening because of the vote to delegate running nodes to BlockchainOS? Thanks. 😀

  • During this initial stage of Mainnet, community nodes aren’t supported. The current development of SEBAK does not fully support community nodes joining our network. The first reason is to keep our network stable and safe.


Q6. What do they call one unit of BOScoin? I know you have a word for it as it was in one of the newsletters as I recall.Thanks, Chef Bedo.

  • The basic unit of BOScoin is ‘BOS’ and the sub unit is ‘GON’, ‘1BOS’ is ‘10,000,000GON'(7 zero)


Q7. I see MainNet is scheduled for November the 16th, what will this structure look like for example will we be able to freeze and vote or does this add-on come later? Thanks, Bosradar.

  • Yes. The mainnet will provide the major features, payment, freezing and even voting after launch.



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