Ask Me Anything – Development – December

Written by Minhyo Bae, CTO of BOScoin
December 24 2018

Answer questions about development

We tried to provide and cover all questions you’ve submitted. Thank you.

Q1. Are you planning to set up 2 factor authentication for the desktop wallet and voting app like Binance and KuCoin? Thanks, Radinho8. 😀

  • Yes, we are preparing to provide the more secure way for our wallet, including 2-Factor Authentication, and hardware wallet.

. We are still concerned about delivering Main-net 2.0 by end of 2019. Why not hire more developers to complete by June-2019! You are aware of how many delays the team had including mainnet 1.0 launch and issues the team ran into.

  • Of course, we are still hiring more super-power developers, and even researchers. In this year, we hired 4~5 excellent developers and we will hire up to double in next year.


Q3. Thanks to the Development team ! They worked so smart and hard to get here! But I feel it is management not willing to hire developers and over loading the existing developers with work and stress! How is it possible to compete with NEO , ETH, and other top coins if we don’t have enough developers? Is it money issue? It is sounds silly that we can not find developers? How will you address this issue with time lines. Thanks again to each developer who worked so hard!

  • That’s right, it is not financial issue. We have been hiring developers globally and one of our developers are from France. One thing I wan to point is our current job description requires very high technical skills, and we can make more creative development team.


Q4. I know the end goal is to have homomorphic encryption, but leading up till then would it not be good to have 2 factor authentication as a backup? Thanks, Dinesh

  • Homomorphic Encryption of personal information, especially Biometric is the important part of our Congress Voting system, but it can not be a silver bullet. At this time, we are still trying to complete the Congress Voting system using Homomorphic Encryption, but we can rely on the existing KYC methods because of the various kind of regulation issues.

. I would like to question about the application of biometric authentication.

Q5-2. I’m curious to know if BlockchainOS, as one of of the largest shareholders of ‘Korea Smart Authentication Corp’, has plans to incorporate ’Biometric Authentication’ technology to the BOScoin voting authentication process.

  • 5-1. To be exact, ‘homomorphic encryption’ utilization for biometric authentication is a key component of the Congress Voting system that we have been developing. Because Congress Voting principal is 1 person 1 vote, we have been developing technology as such. However, we believe ‘homomorphic encryption’ needs to be more technologically matured. Research and development is ongoing, and we’ll be able to talk about concrete results soon.
  • 5-2. Research and development has been ongoing simultaneously, and there are plans to implement beyond ‘homomorphic encryption’ to the Congress Voting system. We are expecting tangible results at least by the middle of next year.


Q6. I am curious about which part of BOScoin, Korea Smart Authentication’s homomorphic encryption technology was applied to. Why is KYC being processed? I want to know why KYC is implemented since I thought it wouldn’t be needed through homomorphic encryption technology for the 1 person 1 vote.

  • Korea Smart Authentication, and we have been developing for the utilization of homomorphic encryption for the Congress Voting system but decided the need for further research and development for it to be implemented to the PF00 Congress Voting system. KYC through only biological information and homomorphic encryption for personal identification is our goal but immediate implementation is difficult due to institutional and technical limitations at this time.


Q7Does the fact that BOScoin is able to evolve stop BOScoin from forking into two coins? Thanks, Dinesh.

  • Generally, many hard-forking happened due to POW and POS types of coins’ ’node operating incentives’.
  • However, there have not been many hardworking with Ripple, Stellar and BOScoin types of coins due to the algorithm characteristics that do not have the node operation incentives.
  • If anyone wants to hardfork BOScoin, they can utilize our BOScoin open source. Still, we do not know anyone that would when there are no benefits through hardworking.


Q8. Would you be able to change BOScoin on CMC as ‘mineable’ since new coins ARE created and could you also change the total supply? Thanks, Mike. 😀

  • Current BOScoin is not ‘mineable’, there are no direct compensation for the node operator. However, BOScoin compensates through the PF operation system. Users who freeze over 10,000 BOS through the Congress Voting application are compensated Membership Rewards. Also, CMC Supply is updated every time new coins are created.


Q9. Can someone on the team please make a Wikipedia article for BOScoin? Thanks, Mike.

  • Thanks, we will..


Q10. If we have to deliver world-class platform we need 20 top-notch full time developers and another 10 contractors. We need break eggs to make omelette please put focus on development and deliverable first then marketing.

  • I totally agree with you.


Answers to Korean questions

We provide Korean answers only for Korean questions.

Q5-1. 동형생체인증’의 적용여부에 관하여 질문드립니다.

Q5-2. 블록체인OS사가 1대 주주로 있는 ‘한국스마트인증’에서 개발한 ‘동형생체인증’을 보스코인 투표인증에 적용할 계획이 있는지 궁금합니다. 계획이 있거나 할 수 있다면 기술적으로 적용하는데 얼마만큼의 시간이 필요한지 알고싶습니다.동형생체인증이 (핸드폰 지문인식이나 안면/각막인증 형식과 동일한 형식이라면) 적용되게 되면 투표권 위임관련 이슈는 거의 생기지 않을 것으로 생각됩니다.

  • 5-1. 정확하게는 ‘동형암호’를 이용한 생체정보의 활용은, 저희가 준비해왔던 Congress Voting 시스템의 핵심적인 요소로 개발해왔던 기능이에요. Congress Voting은 1인 1표를 원칙으로 하고 있기 때문에, 개인식별을 위해서 이러한 방법을 연구해고 개발해왔습니다. 다만, ‘동형암호’가 아직 기술적으로 좀더 성숙되어야한다고 판단합니다. 연구와 개발은 계속되고 있습니다. 곧 구체적인 성과를 이야기할 수 있을 것 같아요.
  • 5-2. 지금까지 연구와 개발을 함께해왔고, 동형암호뿐만 아니라 다른 기술까지 Congress Voting에 적용할 계획입니다. 적어도 내년 중순에 가시적인 성과를 기대하고 있습니다.


Q6. 한국 스마트인증의 동형 암호기술이 보스코인의 어떤 부분에 적용되었는지 궁금합니다. KYC를 진행하는 이유가 궁금합니다. 동형암호기술을 이용하면 KYC없이 1인 1표가 가능할 것으로 생각했는데 왜 KYC를진 행하는지 답변부탁드립니다.

  • 저희와 한국스마트인증은 동형암호를 활용해 Congress Voting 시스템을 개발하기 위해서 노력해왔습니다. 다만, 동형암호는 좀더 연구과 개발이 필요하다고 판단하고 이번 PF00의 Congress Voting에는 적용되지 않았습니다.
  • 생체정보와 동형암호만으로 KYC가, 개인식별이 충분히 가능하도록 만드는 것이 목표이지만, 제도적 기술적 한계로 당분간은 적용하기 힘들지 않을까하고 예상합니다. 앞으로도 연구와 개발을 통해서 좋은 결과를 만들기 위해서 노력하겠습니다.


Q7. 보스코인이 두개의 코인으로 하드포킹 된다는게 사실인가요? 감사합니다. 데니스.

  • 일반적으로 POW, POS 계열의 코인들은 ‘노드운영에 대한 인센티브’가 있어서 그동안 많은 하드포킹이 이루어졌던 것이다.
  • 하지만, 리플, 스텔라 그리고 보스코인과 같은 코인들은 알고리즘 특성상 ‘노드운영에 대한 인센티브’가 없어 하드포킹이 거의 이루어지지 않았다.
  • 누구든 BOScoin을 하드포킹을 하고 싶다면, 우리 BOScoin 오픈소스를 활용하여 하드포킹 하면 된다. 하지만 하드포킹을 통한 이익이 없는데 누가 할지 모르겠다.


Q8. BOScoin이 새로운 코인 발행으로 인해, 전체 공급량이 변하고 있다. 이제부터 코인마켓캡에서 BOScoin은 ‘채굴 가능한’한 코인이라고 변경될 것 인가? 또한 코인마켓캡에서 총 공급량도 변경될 것 인가? 감사합니다. 마이크.

  • 현재 BOScoin은 채굴 가능한 코인이 아닙니다. 또한 노드 운영에 대한 직접적인 보상도 없습니다. BOScoin은 노드 운영에 대한 보상 대신, Public Financing이라는 새로운 체계를 통해 비슷한 보상을 해드리고 있다.
  • 콩그레스보팅 어플리케이션을 통해 보스코인을 10,000 BOS 이상 프리징한 사용자들에 한하여 ‘멤버십 리워드‘로 보상해드리고 있다.
  • 또한 신규 코인이 발행할 때마다 CMC에 발행량(Supply)을 업데이트하려고 계속 노력 중입니다. 조금만 기다려 주시기 바랍니다.



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