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April 5th, 2019


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BlockchainOS inc. signs MOU with Goldlink DECA Research Institute

On April 3, 2019, the MOU site of Choi Ye-joon, CEO of BlockchainOS, and Kim Sung-hun, founder of Goldlink DECA institute.


SEOUL, South Korea, Apr. 03, 2019

BlockchainOS and Goldlink DECA Research Institute announced that they will form a strategic partnership and carry out joint projects.

DECA Literature Research Institute( provides the Goldlink DECA service( which is a next-generation social media service which melds cryptocurrency with social media. Currently, the alpha version has been launched and it services in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. DECA which stands for Decision Energy Classification Algorithm interprets each in dividual’s unique decision energy.


DECA can be classified into 5 divisions of energy and 22 divisions in detail. Each person has a specific tendency by a combination of these energies. Thus, individuals with similar characteristics can be grouped.


Each individual has a particular propensity by a combination of these energies. In other words, people with similar tendencies can be grouped together. To dive deeper into the subject, people can be classified into the first 60 species and eventually 216,000 species depending on their Decision Energy.  Each species has a tendency to feel homogeneity, healing, rejection, etc., and its propensity and temperament make others feel comfortable or uncomfortable.


Goldlink’s Deca service’s theory is based on the cycle of astronomy. By translating these cycles of astronomy into the Gregorian calendar that mankind commonly uses, they provide human decision-making characteristics with high accuracy with no error rate. In addition, through 19 years of research, Kim Sung-hun, founder of the DECA Literature Research Institute, has redefined existing theories and developed them into digital algorithms that can calculate individual decision characteristics, minority reports, educational aptitude, sports predictions, and human-human relationship information, while combining innovative big data services based on CAHRE theory and DECA energy cycle tables.


Kim Sung-hun, the founder of the company, explained that his collaboration with BOScoin enabled Goldlink DECA to provide users a powerful coin-based reward system and synergy through BOScoin’s unique design ideology, community operating philosophy and business strategy. In particular, he expects rapid growth of both companies’ ecosystem if DECA coin is based on the self developed BlockchainOS Mainnet technology. DECA Coin will be used as a diverse means of payment for the DECA ecosystem and as a foundation for a reward system for Goldlink participants.


Ye-zune Choi, CEO of BlockchainOS said, “Many games have recently been mentioned as a business linked to blockchain technology, and DECA service has explosive power for the market”. Also, “DECA is based on a digitized algorithm that enables a huge social networking service that can be used by hundreds and millions of people globally,” he said, expressing hope for DECA’s service.


In commemoration of the MOU, the two companies announced that they will airdrop a total of 5 percent of the initial issued DECA coins to BOScoin congress members.


BOScoin Congress Membership  is eligible through KYC(identity identification) and freezing 10,000 BOS.

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