[Announcement] It’s That Time! BOS Rewards

Written by BOScoin
March 11, 2019


It’s going to be a good day! We’re pleased to announce that the 4th Reward will be distributed within this afternoon/evening (KST). 

Please note, internal verification is conducted for accuracy and rewards are paid within 24 hours upon completion of calculation confirmation. Upcoming Membership Rewards are as follows; 

4th Distribution: 03-11-2019

Happy Freezing!

If you haven’t yet, join the membership to vote, earn the power to Freeze, and start receiving rewards.

Upcoming Rewards

5th Distribution: 04-08-2019

6th Distribution: 05-06-2019

7th Distribution: 06-03-2019

8th Distribution: 07-01-2019

9th Distribution: 07-29-2019

10th Distribution: 08-26-2019

11th Distribution: 09-23-2019

12th Distribution: 10-21-2019

13th Distribution: 11-18-2019

14th Distribution: 12-07-2019


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