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Korea’s No.1 Blockchain, BOScoin
BOScoin is a finance blockchain project to hack capitalism in the most capitalist way.
BOScoin offers three alternatives – credit creation through participation, democratic impact investments and
communization of certain assets to form a new “Project Financing (PF)” concept to power better capitalism,
solving the high interest rate problem in conventional PF.
BOScoin plans to release "BOSNet", a blockchain based mainnet optimized for PF by Q4 of 2018.
BOScoin is running a “Reverse ICO Partner Program” to discover and foster companies in need of PF through
reverse ICOs.
Projects are managed through a governance system which functions according
to the ”one person, one secret ballot”. Principle in order to maximize community
input in decision making Processes.
Instead of national concentrations of wealth, globalized platform corporations
are creating concentrations of wealth on a global scale.
Credit is created, not by a central bank orgovernment, but through a collective
decision making process by individuals who use and exchange credit. this resolves
”financial sovereignty” a long standing problem within the capitalist system.
real economic assets thus gained are treated as commons, and distributed among
the cornmunity. This resolves fundamental problems within capitalist systems
posed by the end of labor and labor income.
Financial Sovereignty is Returned to Individuals Through
Systems of Public Financing
Democratic Decisions are Made by Voting in the Congress Network
Credit is Created with P2P Means of Production And Money as
How We Solve Them
What We Solve
Distribution Failures Lead to Consumer Market Failures
in Coporate Capitalism
Instead of national concentrations of wealth, globalized platform corporations
are creating concentrations of wealth on a global scale.
Sovereign Financial Decision Making Rights are Lost.
The finance industry is the conglomeration of many individual credits, but few
elite financiers monopolize decision making rights for the whole industry. This
concentrates financial profits into the hands of a few, while distributing losses
onto the shoulders of all.
Technological Advances Reduce Labor Incomes
As technological advances reduce the need for human labor, the loss of labor
income is creating new probiems.
Labs & Partners
Jonghwan Lee
Research Director
BOScoin research institute will engineer
and verify reliability, scalability, and
privacy on the BOScoin mainnet and
accelerate commercialization.
Kibong Moon CEO
BOSCoin’s interest in privacy
technology led to technology
investment and is the primary stake
holder. Homomorphic encryption
technology can verify electronic
voting solutions.
Jaehyang Kim CEO
Innovative Fintech company in
petroleum distribution, formed
strategic alliance in May 2018 and
cooperating to become the first public
financing project in November 2018.