BOS Newsletter — May 22th

Written by BOScoin
May 22th 2018

BOS Newsletter — May 22nd, 2018


BOS Platform Development updates

TestNet is on schedule for release by early June. An official launch date will be published by the CTO once it is determined. As has already been announced, mainNet will follow several months after testNet launch, and is expected to be launched in 4th quarter 2018. TestNet will launch with the consensus protocol — trust contracts and governance will be added to testNet. Once everything is integrated and stable on testNet then we will launch mainNet. The code will be open sourced for testNet, so you will be able to our progress during testNet. You will also be able to run public testNet nodes, the instructions on how to setup and run a node will be published when we launch testNet.

Community Management / Meetup

We’ve been busy this last week. Community management team, CTO, and few developers attended two meetups and a conference in Prague. We presented an overview of the BOS platform at both the Amsterdam and Prague meetups, which included Public Financing and our Key Technology.

CTO also spoke at the conference in Prague. He gave a presentation on the platform, and it was well received by everyone in attendance.


We have several conferences on the schedule after testNet release. We will finalize our plans for conferences, and do expect to attend many more this year to promote BOScoin. These will also include local meetups. Our marketing effort is increasing as we prepare for testNet, and will continue through mainNet launch. We are focused on building the platform, and educating people on our vision for the BOS Platform.

Exchange Updates

2Xchange, the P2P BOScoin exchange, announced they will open to the public on May 28th. This is a Korea only exchange with BOS/KRW trading pairs.

We are working towards listing on more exchanges — when we get confirmation of our listing through a public announcement from the exchange we will let the community know. There are several exchanges in various stages of listing our token, but we can not comment on any exchange listing until there is a public announcement from them.

Applications Development Update

The tokenNet mobile wallet for android will be released in the 3rd Quarter of 2018. You can see the code for the wallet at