BOS Newsletter — March 19th, 2018

Written by BOScoin
March 19th, 2018

BOS Newsletter — March 19th, 2018

Devs Updating Speed

Last week the development team concluded our 5th Iteration. Below are a summary of the outcomes, and a preview into tasks for our next Iteration:


As mentioned in the last newsletter, regarding the multiple ballots testing (sending multiple messages to multiple nodes simultaneously to improve consensus speed), we developed aspects of the slot component. Two key scenarios were successfully implemented:

– Arrangement of slots in order of priority (time)
– Removal of ballots to avoid consensus lagging

In addition to multiple ballot testing, we created three key modules to ensure efficiency for the development of our BOS Platform.

  1. One click testing: A module which collects and analyzes the transaction data and provides insight into the network status for both our developers and nodes, and for management of the network.

  2. Consensus performance testing: A module which analyzes nodes’ slot size, validators, quorum threshold. Through this module, we will be able to further optimize the slot size utilization.

  3. Quorum status analyzer: A module which will be used for verification and validation of consensus processing. Ultimately, using this module, we aim to find optimized quorum structure(s).

Additional two scenarios will be further developed for Iteration 6 relating to re-prioritization of messages:

– “What if a slot is full but it receives an earlier message based on the ballot’s timestamp?”

– “What if a slot is full and the ballots accumulate in the queue, but are not in the correct order?”

We will also interrogate other consensus algorithms (such as Dash and Algorand) to identify other opportunities to improve our consensus including open membership and performance.

Trust Contract

Last iteration we focused on two areas: Data Structure and Lifecycle.

Data Structure

We focused on prototyping the ontology-based data into the blockchain data structure by generating executable source code from ontology-based data; this requires development of two elements: 
– Variables — Defining key data values for the contract
– Functional — Storing and loading data into blocks


A high level Trust Contract workflow was mapped out and categorized into creation, deployment, execution, and deletion (or deactivation).

The next Iteration, we are looking to further the development of the Trust Contract testing environment / sandbox; and also look into integrating both the Consensus and Trust Contract components.

Bucket List

It has been over a month since our first exchange listing with KuCoin (apart from the IOU HitBTC listing). While we are still bucketing our communications to CMC to update our market circulating supply (please refer to Livecoinwatch for our market capital), the long awaited next exchange is approaching!

As previously mentioned there were 2 exchanges in the working: a P2P exchange, named 2XCHANGE, is currently planned to launch mid-April, and another one due for launch later this month (we will provide more information as soon as we get some as well!)

P2P exchange — 2XCHANGE

Beta testing is still in progress. Currently it is only open to a limited number of test participants, where constructive feedback is being constantly collated to improve their system. Starting next week, we are looking to involve some community members as additional tests subjects, and also to further optimize their system via the results and input. Currently 2XCHANGE will launch trading BOS/KRW only, hence testing will only be open to members of the Korean community. We will provide details again later this week with further details to the required community members.

Ahh..Ummmmmmmm… have Question?


This round of AMA, our CEO has answered 19 questions from our Discourse discussion board. The questions range from business focus, relating to how we are positioning the BOS Platform; to more technical questions, such as homomorphic encryption — And many other interesting questions (Side projects such as BOSolar, partnerships, KYC, retinal identification and information security).

Click the link below to view the recordings with our CEO answering the community’s questions!