BOS Newsletter — June 5th

Written by Yezune Choi, CEO of BOScoin June 5th 2018

BOS Newsletter — June 5th, 2018

BOS Platform Development updates

TestNet open sourced

The first step in releasing ‘SEBAK’ our testNet network to the public is open sourcing the code base on github. You will be able to find the ‘SEBAK’ testNet source code at ( once it is made public on the 15th of June. Once ‘SEBAK’ is open sourced, you will be able to submit “Pull Requests” in github which are suggestions on code changes, and if you watch the repository, you can receive notifications in real time on the development of the project via

TestNet public network launch

The BOSnet public launch of our testNet network code named ‘SEBAK’ is no later than the end of June which includes the integration of our consensus protocol ISAAC. This is a testNet network which will be open to the public, and requires no BOScoin to participate in running nodes because it is a testNet network. There are no rewards, or incentives to run a testNet node. It is strictly voluntary. We do welcome feedback from the community.

Scott, our community manager, successfully installed and configured a pre-release version of the testNet client on multiple servers. Development of the testNet client is well under way. Once the testNet source code is open sourced you will be able to see development happen in real time, review the code yourself. You will be able to run a live testNet node by the end of June.

New Ask Me Anything (AMA) Procedure

We will accept AMA questions once per month starting on the 1st of each month, and continue through the 10th of month. We will collect these questions via our google form (, DO NOT ask any AMA questions in the forum, or any other social media channels. Questions submitted via any other group or channel other than the google form will not be included in the AMA. The AMA google form is available in both Korean and English. Our team will sort the questions, give the submitted questions to the appropriate subject matter expert on our team, and then compile the answers on the 11th to the 20th of each month.

AMA responses will be posted on the homepage between the 21st and the end of the month. There is no exact date they will be posted. Any questions which are repeat questions, not constructive in nature, don’t serve the interests of the broader community, are inappropriate and/or vulgar in nature will not be answered.

We have begun collecting questions for June, please go to ( to ask your question.

The questions are divided into several categories, and will be answered by the best person able to answer it. The entire C-suite team, and team members will have a part in answering these questions.