BOS Newsletter - June 26th 2018

Written by BOScoin
June 26th 2018

June 2018, Ask Me Anything



AMA procedure

We will accept AMA questions once per month starting on the 1st of each month, and continue through the 10th of month. We will collect these questions via our google form DO NOT ask any AMA questions in the forum, or any other social media channels.


AMA form


Questions submitted via any other group or channel other than the google form will not be included in the AMA. The AMA google form is available in both Korean and English. Our team will sort the questions, give the submitted questions to the appropriate subject matter expert on our team, and then compile the answers on the 11th to the 20th of each month.

AMA responses will be posted on the homepage between the 21st and the end of the month. There is no exact date they will be posted. Any questions which are repeat questions, not constructive in nature, don’t serve the interests of the broader community, are inappropriate and/or vulgar in nature will not be answered.



BOS Platform Development updates


Open Testnet milestone (it is scheduled to be opened at the end of this month)

67% complete with 22 open issues and 45 closed issues.



Community Management / Meetup


Blockchain Conference

Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul

16–17 July, 2018

Beyound Blocks Summit


BOScoin Meetup — Seoul, South Korea

346 Gangnam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 346 jam contribution 1 floor

26 June, 2018

  • 18:30–19:00 Welcome Reception
  • 19:00–19:30 CEO Speech
  • 19:30–20:00 Technical Session
  • 20:00–20:50 Business Session
  • 20:50–21:30 Panel Discussion
  • 21:30–22:30 Networking Party


BOScoin Meetup — Dallas, Tx, USA

WeWork Legacy West, Room 02K, 7700 Windrose Ave Plano, TX 75024

18 July, 2018

  • 18:30–19:00 Welcome / Informal Discussion on Blockchain Basics / Introduction to BOScoin and BlockchainOS
  • 19:00–20:00 Presentation on Public Financing (Reverse ICO Partner Program), BOSnet platform, and Current status of project.
  • 20:00–20:30 Question and Answer Session

Have You Met…


Mina Jeong, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)


Mina is Founder and Managing Director at M&K PR. Mina graduated from Ewha Women’s University and now attends the Advanced Management Program at Seoul National University. Mina is Vice Chairman of Korea Public Relations Consultancy Association and an advisor for EDENCHAIN, ranks # 2 in Coinvision Top 20. For almost two decades, she has overseen M&K’s operations and helped global companies expand their business presence and build reputation in the Korean market. She has worked with global tech giants such as Intel, Oracle, and Microsoft as well as promising startups such as Airbnb, Shutterstock, and Pure Storage.