BOS Newsletter — July 17th

Written by BOScoin
July 17th 2018

BOS Newsletter — July 17, 2018


Community Discussion

Opening English Telegram

We have officially opened an English telegram for general discussion and an Announcements channel. Please click on the below links to go to our official channels. We will continue to support our community slack in the short term.

Official BOScoin
The Official BOScoin

BOScoin Announcements
The Official BOScoin Announcements


Our community forum is available for discussions, but the primary focus of our forum is for proposal and voting discussion once the governance protocol is integrated into testnet and mainnet.

BOScoin Community Forum
The Official BOScoin Community

Other Social Media

We will continue to maintain our other social media accounts for marketing purposes, but in the long term we expect to consolidate our online accounts to stream line the interaction with the community to a few high use platforms.

YouTube Reviews


“Martins Hacks” and “Young and Investing” both published a review of BOScoin on their YouTube channel today.

Conferences and Meetups

Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul

Members of our Korea team are attending and we are actively promoting our project at the conference.

17–19 July, 2018

Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul
After the success of our summit series in Bangkok and Tokyo, we’re putting our best foot forward and heading to Seoul…

(Refer to 2 pages brochure

BOScoin Meetup — Dallas, Tx, USA

Our Community Manager is hosting a meetup at the WeWork, Legacy West, Room 02K, 7700 Windrose Ave Plano, TX 75024

18 July, 2018

BOScoin: Self-Evolving Blockchain Platform for Public Financing
BOScoin launches it’s testNet at the end of June! We will discuss our development progress, the current status of our…


Have You Met…


Blockchain Developer / Hwang Kim

Hwang is a very enthusiastic software engineer, Trust Contract developer, and wants to retire as a developer. He has a master’s degree in Computer Science and he is also a specialist in Runtime monitoring and Static analysis. Previously, he has worked as a compiler researcher and developer at Tmaxsoft for many years. Before joining BOS team, he has worked as a server developer in advertising company. At BOS, he is working on implementing Trust Contract, and he is proud to become a developer in blockchain to enhance the World with the technology.