BOS Newsletter  -  July 10th 2018

Written by BOScoin
July 10th 2018

July (Ask Me Anything) form closes today

If you would like to ask our management team a question, please submit it via the google form ( before it closes at the end of the day, July 10th (Korea time).
AMA responses will be posted on the homepage between the 21st and the end of the month.

BOS Platform Development updates

Milestone #1 — Opening Testnet




Conferences & Meetups

Our local community manager, Wouter B., represented us at the Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam, NL on 27–28 June 2018. He conducted a great interview with Vincent Everts.

BOSCoin CEO Yezune Choi explains how the BOScoin blockchain platform works in a meeting with local and foreign investors held in Gangnam, southern Seoul, 26 June 2018.




Have You Met…

Currently working on our MainNet deployment, Minhyo was originally a student studying Political Science and Economics at University, but his interests grew more towards Computer Science to eventually become our Core developer. Prior to joining the team, Minhyo has worked on Data Analysis and Game Development and also has extensive experience in building and managing large distributed networks on the cloud system like AWS, Azure and GCP. Minhyo’s current interests lie in CPJ Journalist Security Guide.

Lets all go after Minhyo, if BOS aren’t able to launch its MainNet on time:)