BOS Newsletter — March 5th, 2018

Written by BOScoin
July 23, 2018

BOScoin Newsletter — March 5th, 2018


Leadership Restructure

Inhwan Kim is currently carrying out the role of CEO of BlockchainOS as well as President of the BOS Platform Foundation but has decided to dedicate his time towards the BOS Platform Foundation. Inhwan Kim has seen BOScoin grow significantly such as the fundraiser back in May last year and launch of TokenNet. Since then the team has grown both in development of the BOS Platform and in culture.

Former CTO Yezune Choi has now taken the role officially as the CEO of BlockchainOS. It was Yezune’s vision and ideology reflected in the white paper to begin with, so he would like to reiterate that his new role will not affect the direction and development of the BOS Platform.

The CTO role has been handed to Minhyo Bae. With his background in network, security and cryptography, Minhyo was fundamental to the development and release of the BOScoin TokenNet noting his efforts in optimization of the SCP. Minhyo is excited to take this role and believes he has a strong team to push the development of the Platform.

BOS Platform Development updates

As mentioned in the last newsletter, Iteration 4 concluded on February 23; the past week the team’s focus was on three key elements in order for a successful execution of Iteration 5 successfully including:

Our team is very enthusiastic sharing their ideas for the development of the platform — below is a summary of the plan for Iteration 5.


In this iteration, our team is planning to focus on consensus with multiple ballots — i.e. sending multiple messages to multiple nodes simultaneously, which aims to result in a quicker consensus — currently one node can only process one message which delays the transaction time. Our development team has been working on an optimized data structure and processes to improve slot utilization. The following scenarios are a first cut of the proposed work to be developed and tested for this Iteration (more will be added as the iteration progresses):

Further our model with fault tolerance — check our blockchain topology with fault tolerance rules to ensure performance.

Explore other consensus algorithms in the view of optimizing BOS Platform (ongoing).

The last iteration also saw the BOS development team create several modules which would test the state of the quorum against consensus performance — these modules aim to be used by both developers and nodes to assist with their analysis and management of the network and provide insight into various aspects.

We will further the work in this Iteration to integrate the modules to providing a succinct dashboard for the purposes of testing and management.

Trust Contract

Last iteration created the architecture for the initial Trust Contract environment, this Iteration will focus on developing the Trust Contract environment based on the architecture. There are 2 focus areas for this:

Data Structure

There are blockchains that use the Merkle Patricia Tree data structure — our team will be investigating how to integrate ontologies into this data structure.


The lifecycle is the logic process of the Trust Contracts — the team will initially interrogate various logic for development into the BOS Platform. Other features will be explored further down the track to build to logic of our Trust Contracts.

It is important to note that our Trust Contracts are different to that of other smart contract such as Ethereum, although the inspiration for this was from projects like Ethereum and Hyperledger, we are aiming to build a smart contract that is decidable using human language — we are building Trust Contracts.

New Partnership

Enriching people’s lives with blockchain is the aim of the team. To help us through this, we have formed a partnership with MyCreditChain. MyCreditChain is a Korea based blockchain project with a mission to return one’s credit information to the original owner, as opposed to credit rating firms. The partnership is more focused on exchanging technical expertise, and may develop to a strategic partnership in the future. You can check out the project at

Exchange Updates

On our online meetup last time round, we mentioned three exchanges will have BOS on their trading platform. Kucoin was one, and two others are still awaiting launch. The P2P exchange, which the name still needs to be finalized, is currently undergoing closed beta testing and will trade only BOS/KRW at first. The launch is scheduled for mid April if everything goes smoothly as planned. The other exchange will also be a new exchange. The actual launch of their trading platform is due this month and a teaser site is expected to be up by a week or so, so hopefully we can share some of the details of that exchange in the next newsletter. Although we cannot disclose the name just yet, we have been in partnership with this exchange for quite a while and believe they can grow to be one of the prominent players in the crypto scene.

Chain with US!

BOScoin are looking for people to join our project!

We are looking to expand our team and have positions for all range of roles including:

If interested, please follow the below link and submit your application with your resume, and a cover letter (Developers will also need to submit their portfolio of open source projects; Designers will also need to submit their portfolio of work)