BOScoin’s First Community Meetup
in South Korea is a Great Success

BOScoin Press release
June 28 2018

“We will open an era of coins where everyone can generate capital income!”

Over 200 active participants shared their thoughts and opinions about BOScoin’s development progress and business strategies at the meetup.

June 27, 2018, Seoul, South Korea – “BOScoin, a finance blockchain project to hack capitalism in the most capitalist way,” successfully held its first meetup in South Korea at Jam2Go (Gangnam-gu, Seoul) on Tuesday, June 26th with over 200 community members present.

During the opening speech, while introducing the corporate vision for Korea’s first ICO blockchain project “BOScoin, CEO Yezune Choi said, “Going beyond the era of earned income from labor, we will open the era of capital income where everyone can enjoy a lifestyle built on capital income.” He also added “We will make the benefits of project financing which was exclusively available only to the traditional finance sector, available to everyone with three alternatives – credit creation through participation, global finance through collective intelligence, and the commonization of assets.”

CTO Minhyo Bae’s presentation on the release of Testnet source codes and Mainnet development roadmap garnered a lot of attention. He said, “The BOSNet which is the Mainnet for blockchain-based public financing is built upon the ISAAC consensus protocol, we developed in-house.” and “The ‘mFBA (modified FBA)’ with enhanced openness is the foundation of the ISAAC which combines the best features of Stellar and Byzantine protocols. As a result, the ISAAC can save data in the blockchain safely and efficiently, making BOSNet a Mainnet that is truly optimized for public financing. With the official 4Q launch of the Mainnet on the horizon, BOScoin made the source code of the Testnet available on June 15 to encourage participation of the community,” he explained.

In the business session followed by the vision announcement and technical session, the [Reverse ICO] program, one of BOScoins’ public financing models, was introduced, and Energy7 who is promoting participation in the Reverse ICO program presented several use cases. Lastly, a panel discussion moderated by attorney Won-hee Cho from D’Light law firm was held to answer the community’s questions.

“It was great to have an opportunity to meet our community members, face-to-face. We will continuously place effort in keeping lines of communications with the community open,” said CEO Yezune Choi. “In terms of business, we will focus on maximizing the capital income of our community members by developing various models to make public financing more available.”

On the other hand celebrating the publication of CSO Myeong-san Jeon’s new book, “Blockchain Government” in English, several copies of the book were given away to participants through a luck draw. Participants showed eager interest in the book displayed at the venue. Published last May 2017 in South Korea, “Blockchain Government” gained popularity as a philosophical yet practical book that helped people understand the core components of blockchain technology.

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